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Daytime TV - May 1983
May 1983

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Rita Walter and her two children...Richard Shoberg & Julia Barr...Laura Malone and brother, Sean...Kyra Sedgwick...Robin Strasser & Richard Hogan...Chris Robinson and wife, Rhonda...Andrea Moar & Mark LaMura...Leslie O'Hara, Michael Tylo & Beulah Garrick...Jay Avocone and wife...Stacy Glick & Larry Haines...Wayne Northrop & Lynn Herring...Clint Ritchie & Candice Earley...Lisa Brown & Tom Nielsen...Dorothy Lyman, Jason Kincaid & Donna Pescow...Patricia Bruder and daughter, Carolyn...Phil MacGregor...Grant Aleksander...Judith Blazer & Elden Ryan Ratliff...Eileen Fulton & Robert Burton

Interview with John Stamos of General Hospital
3-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

Lovesick: The Herpes Story
Anthony Geary, Judith Light, Mark Harmon, Cindy Fisher & Robert Vaughan team up in a shocking new television movie
Article and photos of all

Interview with Joe Gallison of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages, five candid photos

Interview with Dack Rambo of All My Children
3-pages, eight candid photos

Interview with Marg Helgenberger of Ryan's Hope
2-pages, three candid photos

Romantic Roulette with the stars of Y&R and Capitol
Full-Page Article on the real-life romance of Nicholas Walker & Eileen Davidson who recently split with Terry Lester (candid shots of all)

Interview with Jerry Douglas of The Young and The Restless
2-pages, four candid photos with girlfriend, Cay

Interview with All My Children producer Jacqueline Babbin
3-pages, five candid photos

Look Who's In Love, real-life romance news with candid photos of
John James & Marcia Wolfe...Taylor Miller & Dan Casey...Alex Donnelley & Bobby Lamm...Cindy Gibb & Chris Atkins...Chris Rich, Nancy Frangione, Laura Malone & Val Gabriel

Interview with Lela Ivey of The Edge Of Night
2-pages, large half-page candid photo plus one additional photo

Soap Opera Festival, 2-pages on different fan events with candid photos of
Jennifer Cooke & Phil MacGregor...Marcy Walker...Peter Bergman

Interview with Marcia McCabe of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages, four candid photos with fianc?, Chris Goutman

Interview with Kathy McNeil of As The World Turns
3-pages, four candid photos

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
David Mason Daniels, Tonja Walker & Christopher Durham...Eileen Davidson...Philece Sampler & Brad Blaisdell...Janine Turner & Michael Damian...Jamie Rose...Todd Curtis...Meg Bennett & Eric Braeden...Terry Lester...Chris Durham, Sharon Wyatt, Leann Hunley & Brian Robert Taylor...Al Corley & Carly Simon...Shell Kepler...Kin Shriner & Deborah Mullowney...Gregg Marx...Beth Maitland


Interview with John Stamos (Blackie Parrish on General Hospital) Interview with Dack Rambo (Steve Jacobi on All My Children)

Mailing Label? - NO
Top left side of the spine taped to secure the cover.
Otherwise, VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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