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Daytime TV - May 1981
May 1981

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Anthony Call, Robin Strasser & Tony George...Kin Shriner...Ruth Warrick...Robin Mattson and husband, Ray...Paul Falzone...Tudi Wiggins...Laurie Klatscher...Anthony Herrera & Margaret Colin...Elvera Roussel...Phil Carey and baby daughter, Shannon...Steve Fletcher and mom & wife...Laura Malone, Brynn Thayer, Martin Hulswit & Jerry ver Dorn...Lydia Bruce, David O'Brien, Jim Pritchett & Elizabeth Hubbard...Hubbard and son, Jeremy...Robert Lipton & Marie Masters...Patricia Estrin & Rod Arrants...Chris Knight 2 photos...Peter Bergman & Christine Ebersole...Lenore Kasdorf & Phil Peters...Wayne Massey & Andrea Evans...Kristen Meadows & Joel Diamond...Frank Runyeon and wife, Annie

Dennis Cole Comes Down To Earth on The Young & The Restless
After tasting heaven in Hollywood...and marriage to an Angel
2-page article; large candid inset photo with Jaclyn Smith
Additional candid shot with Karen Jensen

Does Patricia Barry Really Have A Hotline To The President?
2-page article/interview on her friendship with Ronald Reagan
Candid inset photos of each

Bogie and Bacall Move Over Because...
Anthony Geary & Renee Anderson Are Just Too Hot To Handle!
Large Candid Inset Photo together; quotes from both

Jacklyn Zeman Was Down To Her Last Broken Heart,
But The Lesson She Learned Was Worth The Pain...
2-page interview; 2 candid photos

It Took Suzanne Rogers and Sam Groom Five Years To Get Together...
But The Struggle Was Worth It!
3-page interview; 7 candid photos

When The Stars of Y&R Come Home and Lock The Doors...
What Goes On In Those Fabulous Hollywood Retreats?
Candid photos and remarks featuring
Roberta Leighton...Wings Hauser & David Hasselhoff...Victoria Mallory...Eric Braeden...Meg Bennett

After The Pain She Really Lived Through...
Kristen Vigard Finds Teenage Stardom A Snap
3-page interview; 6 candid photos

Robert S. Woods Pulls A Few Surprises Out Of His Hat
Full-Page Interview; large candid inset photo

Special 25th Anniversary Salute to
As The World Turns and The Edge of Night
3-pages with mostly candid photos featuring
Terry Davis & Tony Craig...Robert Lipton & Lisa Loring...Nick Andropolous & Kathryn Hays...Lori Loughlin & Mark Arnold...Rosemary Prinz & Michael Lipton...Donald May & Dixie Carter...Mandel Kramer, Joan Harvey & Larry Hagman...John Larkin & Teal Ames...Santos Ortega & Eileen Fulton...Don Hastings & Leslie Denniston...Eileen Fulton and boyfriend, Bill Lucas

Michael Minor's Ex-Wife Told Him:
Boy, Have I Got A Girl For You!
2-page interview; large candid inset photo with fiance, Marilyn

The Hottest Face In Daytime...
Has Been Through Some Pretty Close Shaves! Kin Shriner Talks About The Pressure and Problems Since Leaving General Hospital
3-page interview; 8 candid photos

Look Who's In Love: Real-Life Romances & Couples In The News
Candid photos featuring
Robert Lipton, Marie Masters and her son, Jesse...Denise Pence and husband, Steve...Julie Montgomery and boyfriend, Hunt Block

Nobody Knows We're Here...
Laura Malone & Richard Backus Escape To A Deserted Wonderland Where The World Can't Find Them, full-page feature; 2 candid photos together

The Daytime World, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Kevin Bacon and Lori Loughlin

After Breaking Up With One Soap Actress...
Rick Porter Finds Love With Another Leading Lady
2-page interview; large candid inset photo with Deborah Hobart
Additional candid photo of ex-girlfriend, Valerie Mahaffey

You The Viewer - Fan letters and candid photos featuring
Mary Frann and 4 letters concerning 'The Turmoil Over Texas' with a group shot of castmembers Josephine Nichols, Philip Clark, Carla Borelli & Barbara Rucker

Showdown At The NBC Corral
As Texas Sinks To The Bottom Of The Ratings, Proctor & Gamble Says:
There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made!
Full-Page Article with candid photos featuring
Jerry Lanning, Carla Borelli and head writer, John Corrington...NBC Chief Fred Silverman and former exec-producer Paul Rauch

Soap Opera Festival by Joyce Becker
2-pages of news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Louise Shaffer and husband, Roger...Sharon Gabet and fans...Jed Allan

Complete Cast Lists For All Soaps On The Air

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Renee Anderson & David Lewis...David Hasselhoff...Lanna Saunders & Larry Pressman...Susan Pratt...Melinda Fee...Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Joe Gallison and wife, Melissa...Deidre Hall, Quinn Redeker and talk-show host, John Davidson...Wesley Eure...Brooke Bundy...Lieux Dressler & Susan Brown

Solid Gold Gossip, candid photos featuring
Louise Shaffer...Charita Bauer & Don Stewart...Eileen Dietz...Bradley Green...Jacklyn Zeman...Deborah Hobart...Jacqueline Courtney


Interview with Suzanne Rogers (Maggie, Days) Interview with Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie, GH)

VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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