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Daytime TV - May 1975
May 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Jada Rowland...Vincent Gardenia...Gloria Hoye & Michael Lipton...George Reinholt...Lillian Hayman, Bobby Van & Joan Copeland...Niki Flacks...Larry Haines...Bennye Gatteys & Patti Weaver...Ellen Burstyn...Teri Keane & Jennifer Leigh Jennings...Bess Johnson dead at 73...F. Murray Abraham...Lynn Deerfield Marries...Alan Feinstein

Interview with Vance Jefferis of One Life To Live
3-pages; four candid photos

Interview with Kathryn Hays of As The World Turns
4-pages; Full-Page Photo, three more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Anthony Call of The Guiding Light
4-pages; near Full-Page Photo with wife, Elizabeth
Seven more photos and a Cover Shot

The Young and The Restless Is Two Years Old
Article and candid party photos featuring
Trish Stewart, William Gray Espy, Jaime Lyn Bauer & Janice Lynde...Tom Hallick & Pam Crawford...Steve Carlson & Jaime Lyn Bauer...Laura Saunders, Tom Selleck & Deidre Hall...Steve Carlson and wife, Jackie...Dorothy Green & Julianna McCarthy...Donnelly Rhodes

Interview with Courtney Sherman of Search For Tomorrow
4-pages; Full-Page Photo with baby daughter, Brooke
Two more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Macdonald Carey of Days Of Our Lives
5-pages; nine candid photos

It's Party Time At Love Of Life
Article and 2-pages of candid party photos, featuring
Jane Hoffman & Ron Tomme...Helene Dumas & Ray Wise...Ron Harper & Sally Stark...Jonathan Moore & Tudi Wiggins...Deborah Courtney...Jerry Lacy & Birgitta Tolksdorf...Diane Rousseau

Interview with Diane Rousseau of Love Of Life
3-pages; five candid photos with fiance, Kirt, plus a Cover Shot

Denise Alexander Reveals In Her Own Words: "The Men In My Life"
4-pages; large candid inset photo, plus a Cover Shot
Additional photos and remarks on her co-stars
Rod McCarey...John Beradino...Peter Kilman...Craig Huebing...Don Matheson...Peter Hansen...James Sikking...Joel Marsden...Tom Brown

What's Really Happening Behind The Scenes As Another World
Expands To One Hour - Historic Moment In 25-Year History of Daytime Serials
4-page article with candid photos featuring
Paul Rauch...Virginia Dwyer & Hugh Marlowe...Victoria Wyndham & Irene Dailey...David Ackroyd...Roberta Maxwell & John Considine...Jeanne Lange...John Fitzpatrick

Jacquie Courtney and George Reinholt:
"The Hour Will Improve The Show"
2-page article, two candid photos together

Game & Talk Show Hosts, news and candid photos featuring
Mike Douglas...Chuck Woolery...Jim McKrell & Dick Martin

Interview with game-show host Jack Barry (Joker's Wild)
4-pages; five candid photos

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Bennye Gatteys...Edward Mallory & Susan Flannery...Tony Dow...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Burt Douglas and wife & kids...Brenda Dickson & Donnelly Rhodes

Y&R: It Took Two Years, But - Brad & Leslie Tie The Knot
Full-Page Article, large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
Tom Hallick & Janice Lynde
Plus a Cover Shot

At How To Survive A Marriage They're Just Too Busy To Have A Party
2-page article on their anniversary, candid photos featuring
Ken Kercheval, Jennifer Harmon & Cathy Greene...Allen Weisinger & Jennifer Harmon...Armand Assante...Lauren White


The Young and The Restless Is Two Years Old Interview with Macdonald Carey (Mac plays Dr. Tom Horton on Days Of Our Lives)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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