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Daytime TV - May 1971
May 1971

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Michael Zaslow...Jonathan Frid...Margaret Mason, Susan Seaforth, Edward Mallory & Denise Alexander...Victoria Wyndham and baby boy...Kathy Cody...Wynne Miller and parents...David Henesy...Henderson Forsythe...James Storm & Virginia Vestoff...Marie Wallace

Judith Barcroft Writes: A Letter To My Unborn Baby
Full-Page Feature, candid inset photo

Interview with Christine Pickles of The Guiding Light
3-pages, large candid inset photo plus two pics of her children

You Can See Them In The Movies, news and candid photos featuring
Susan Lucci...Jill Melody..Donald Eggena...Robert Burr

Interview with Maeve McGuire of The Edge Of Night
5-pages, Full-Page Color Pinup, four additional photos and a Cover Shot

Patricia Bruder's Obstetrician Husband Tells...
The Real Story Of Pat's Five Pregnancies
5-pages, nine candid photos with family (four in color), plus a Cover Shot

Interview with David Selby of Dark Shadows
4-pages, Full-Page Color Pinup, one additional photo and a Cover Shot

Beautiful People...It's Spring, When Some People's Fancy Turns To Love
Full-Page Collage of candid color photos, featuring
Val Dufour & Maria Korda...Alan Feinstein & Theia Palmer...Alberta Grant & Conard Fowkes...Don Stewart & Andrea Gould

Interview with Denise Alexander of Days Of Our Lives
6-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus five additional photos

Interview with Jered Holmes of Another World - Bay City
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo

Interview with Eileen Fulton of As The World Turns
3-pages, five candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Denise Alexander & Susan Seaforth Give Bill Hayes A Valentine Day Surprise
2-pages of candid photos together eating cake

Interview with Diana Douglas of Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
4-pages, six candid photos, including son Michael Douglas

Dark Shadows star Dennis Patrick Marries Barbara Cason
3-page Interview, two candid photos and a Cover Shot together

Readers' Poll: Voting results with candid photos featuring
Sam Groom Takes First Place and Robin Strasser Holds On To No. 1 Spot
(plus a Cover Shot)

Interview with Sally Stark of Love Of Life
4-pages, four candid photos

Interview with game show host Art James
4-pages, two candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Frances Heflin of All My Children
3-pages, large candid inset photo


Interview with Maeve McGuire of The Edge Of Night Interview with David Selby of Dark Shadows

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