April 1972

Interview with Michael Hawkins of Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
4-pages, Full-Page Photo and nine additional photos

Interview with Christina Pickles of Guiding Light
4-pages, Full-Page Photo and nine additional photos

Martinis, Eggs Benedict, Brandy and Cigars
Where The Stars Went On Their Honeymoons...And Will They Ever Go Back?
Individual articles with candid photos featuring
Albert Stratton and wife...Ed Kemmer & Fran Sharon...Patricia Roe...Toni Bull & Gene Bua...Sasha von Scherler and husband

Happy Twentieth Birthday Love Of Life
Candid photos at their anniversary party, featuring
Ron Tomme & Audrey Peters...Robert Burr...Geraldine Brooks and husband...Tony LoBianco...Cindy Grover and her father...Toni Bull & Gene Bua...Toni, Gene & Jeannette DuBois...Freyda Rothstein & Diane Rousseau...Jack Stamberger & Sally Stark...Paul Rauch & Tony Converse...Helene Dumas, Jack Stamberger & Lee Kurty...Catherine Bacon & Ray Wise...Diane Rousseau & Drew Snyder...Paul Rauch, Keith Charles & Nancy Ford...John Gabriel & Sandy Gabriel...Diane Rousseau & Fred Silverman

Interview with Michael Storm of One Life To Live
4-pages, Full-Page Photo with wife, Sally - nine more photos with son, Jason
Plus The Cover Shot

Interview with Marie Wallace of Somerset
4-pages, fifteen candid photos and assorted Greek recipes

Interview with Henderson Forsythe of As The World Turns
4-pages, five candid photos

Mary Stuart Remembers Search For Tomorrow Twenty Years Ago
4-pages, six candid photos

Serial Stars In Television Commercials, 5-page article with candid photos featuring
David O'Brien...Terry Kiser...Bibi Besch...Marie Wallace...Jerry Lacy...Sallly Stark...Michael Storm...Patrick Horgan...Hugh Marlowe...Leslie Charleson (two photos)

Comes The Spring...And It's Bicycle Time
Full-Page Photo of Stefan Schnabel & Fran Myers riding bikes together

TV By Day Profile: Jim Pritchett of The Doctors
Near Full-Page Bio, candid inset photo

Peek A Boo...It's Spring! with Carl Low of Search For Tomorrow
Two large candid photos

Interview with Lynn Benish of One Life To Live
8-pages, Full-Page Photo, nine more photos and The Cover Shot


Interview with Christina Pickles (Linell Conway on Guiding Light) Interview with Lynn Benish (Meredith Lord Wolek on One Life To Live)

Mailing Label? - NO
Some storage wear to the cover - it's nearly 50 years old!
Otherwise, VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.