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1986 The Best Of Daytime TV
March 1986

Interview with Peter Reckell of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; four candid photos

Panic In Port Charles - Electrifying Changes Are Rocking General Hospital
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Jack Wagner...Kevin Bernhardt...Emma Samms...Brian Patrick Clarke...Sherilyn Wolter...Finola Hughes...Sam Behrens & Jacklyn Zeman

Y&R Double Wedding Exclusive
Jerry Douglas & Patty Weaver share their personal photos from their real-life weddings; 3-pages, eight candid photos

Love Behind The Scenes
Judi Evans (Beth, Guiding Light) didn't have to look very far to find the man of her dreams. He was waiting for her backstage...
Full-Page Article, two candid photos

And Baby Makes Three with Julia Barr of All My Children
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo with husband & baby

Happy At Home with Erika Slezak of One Life To Live
Full-Page Article; three candid photos at home with husband and kids

My Most Precious Love
Some of daytime's most sensuous lovers share their real life passions
Individual articles with candid photos featuring
Vincent Irizarry & Kristi Ferrell...Michael Knight & Ann Cutbill...John deLancie & Marnie Mosiman...Steve Bond & Cindy Cox...Liz Keifer & Brett Porter...Leann Hunley & Bill Sheridan...Catherine Hickland & David Hasselhoff...Jane Elliot & Luis Rojas...Eileen Davidson & Chip Mayer...Judith Chapman & Neilan Tyree

Interview with Kristina Malandro of General Hospital
2-pages; three candid photos

Darling, Your Hot Tub or Mine? with Michael O'Leary & Tasia Valenza
2-pages; six candid photos, both in bathing suits

Interview with Kristi Ferrell of Guiding Light
About her real-life romance with co-star Vincent Irizarry
3 candid photos

Mommy's Little Angel with Colleen Zenk of As The World Turns
Full-Page Article; two candid photos with baby daughter

Our Soaps Compete, But We're Only A Heartbeat Away!
Full-Page Article on the real-life romance of John O'Hurley & Louan Gideon
Candid inset photos of each

Interview with Marcy Walker of Santa Barbara
3-pages; Full-Page Photo with co-star A Martinez
Plus one additional photo

Brad Maule's Dinner Party Surprise
Full-Page Article; four candid photos

We're Lovers On Screen, But When The Cameras Stop Rolling...
Sometimes all that kissing & hugging on TV is just a big put on!
4-page article with photos featuring
Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso...Leann Hunley & Thaao Penghlis...Mark Pinter & Colleen Zenk...Robert S. Woods...Stephen Schnetzer & Julie Osburn...Michael O'Leary & Krista Tesreau...Tracey E. Bregman & Michael Damian

Interview with Breck Jamison of As The World Turns
2-pages; three candid photos

Meet the charter members of Josh Taylor's secret fan club
3-page article, remarks from co-stars, seven candid photos of Taylor with
Kristian Alfonso...Arleen Sorkin...Michael Leon...Thaao Penghlis & Gloria Loring...Catherine Mary Stewart...James Reynolds...Sandahl Bergman

Parisian Paradise with Deborah Mullowney & James Farentino
Full-Page Article on their wedding, two candid photos

Tiger In The House with Phil Morris of The Young & The Restless
2-pages; four candid photos at home with wife and baby boy

Finola Hughes Reveals The Icy Truth About Red-Hot Love Scenes
3-pages; Full-Page Photo kissing co-star Tristan Rogers
Plus four additional photos

I Only Have Eyes For You with Jane Cameron of Another World
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo with boyfriend, Louis

Interview with Peter Bergman of All My Children
3-pages; seven candid photos

Prince's Ex Goes Crazy For GH's New Hot Doc
Kevin Bernhardt & Apollonia Kotero
Full-Page Article on their romance, candid photos of each

Interview with Liliana Komorowska of Another World
2-pages on escaping Communist Poland, large candid inset photo

The Scamp & The Scoundrel - Tracey Bregman & Tom Eplin
2-pages on their real-life romance, candid photos of each

Love and Loyalty with Catherine Hickland of Capitol
2-pages on her marriage to Knight Rider star, David Hasselhoff
Two candid photos

Interview with Thaao Penghlis of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; large candid inset photo

Single & Loving It with Brenda Dickson of Y&R
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo

Interview with David Sederholm of Ryan's Hope
2-pages; three candid photos

Who's The Sexiest Man On Soaps?
25 Leading Ladies Spill Their Hearts And Tell Us Which Daytime Hunks Really Turn Them On, candid photos featuring
Peter Bergman...Terry Lester...Jack Wagner...Peter Reckell...John deLancie...Brian Bloom...Breck Jamison...Roscoe Born...Doug Davidson

Interview with Lauren-Marie Taylor of Loving
2-pages; four candid photos

"I Don't Want To Do Teenage Sex Films!" - Michael Damian
2-page Interview; three candid photos

Interview with Larkin Malloy of Guiding Light
Two candid photos with co-star Kim Zimmer

I Want To Be Erica! with James Mitchell of All My Children
Full-Page Article; candid photos of Mitchell and co-star Susan Lucci

No One Will Ever Take Your Place - Robert & Holly of General Hospital
3-page article; three large candid photos featuring co-stars
Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms

Special DAYS Photo Tribute: Bo & Hope
From First Kiss To Wedding Bliss!
Six-pages of candid photos featuring co-stars
Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso

I'll Never Stop Loving You - Pete and Melissa of Days Of Our Lives
2-page article, Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars
Michael Leon & Lisa Trusel
Plus one additional photo together

The Story Of A Love Affair - Bob & Kim of As The World Turns
3-page article, multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Don Hastings & Kathryn Hays

Interview with Patsy Pease of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages; four candid photos

Interview with Charles Shaughnessy of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages; four candid photos

Interview with Ted Marcoux of One Life To Live
Full-Page Feature; candid inset photo

Interview with Daniel Pilon of Ryan's Hope
2-pages; large candid inset photo

Complete Cast Lists For All Soaps On The Air

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup featuring ATWT co-stars
Larry Bryggman, Elizabeth Hubbard, Scott Bryce & Finn Carter


Interview with Peter Reckell (Bo Brady on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Kristina Malandro (Felicia on General Hospital)

Mailing Label? - NO
108-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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