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Soap Opera Stars March 1981
March 1981

Sneak Peeks, news and candid photos featuring
Kristen Vigard...Rita Lloyd & Marcia McCabe...Robert S. Woods & Alan Dysert...Anthony Herrera, Kristen Meadows & Phyllis Behar...Laura Malone & Kathleen Kellaigh...Larry Hagman

Star Bursts, individual articles and large candid photos featuring
Ted Leplat and Robin Strasser and fiance, Michael

Hollywood Private Eye, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Richard Dean Anderson & Kathy McGuiness...Bill Hayes...Tom Ligon & Roberta Leighton...Deidre Hall & Quinn Redeker...Brooke Bundy...Meg Bennett...Christian Marlowe & K.T. Stevens...David Hasselhoff & Wings Hauser...Richard Dean Anderson, Anthony Geary and young fan

Interview with Jean Bruce Scott of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages; 4 large candid photos

Star Bursts, individual articles and large candid photos featuring
Catherine Hickland and boyfriend, Richard and Mary Stuart

Soap Stars Reveal Their Plans For A Rollicking New Year!
Candid photos featuring
Kristen Vigard...Doug Davidson...Michael Corbett...Karen Morris...Joe Gallison

Interview with One Life To Live co-stars
Clint Ritchie, Phil Carey & Robert S. Woods
3-pages; 7 candid photos

Love Among The Ruins
Romantic Greece was the perfect playground for ATWT stars
Kathryn Hays & Michael Forest
Full-Page Article; 3 candid photos

Interview with Laura Malone of Another World
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Taking A Bite Out Of The Big Apple
From limousines to Plaza suites, Anthony Geary & Genie Francis
got the superstar treatment during their whirlwind weekend
in New York; full-page article, large candid inset photo together

Interview with Brett Halsey of The Young & The Restless
Full-Page Feature; 2 candid photos

Interview with Linda Gibboney of All My Children
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Star Burst, individual articles with large candid photos featuring
Franc Luz and Deborah Hobart and sister, Sharon

Interview with Chris Robinson of General Hospital
4-pages; 5 candid photos

"Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated"
Rumors are flying that Guiding Light plans a full-scale slaughter of long-time favorite characters!
Full-Page Article; large photo of Mart Hulswit

Complete Cast Lists for All Soaps On The Air

Star Bursts, individual articles and large candid photos featuring
Peter Brouwer and Valerie Mahaffey & Rick Porter

Hot Plot Of The Month: James & Barbara - As The World Turns
Article; large candid inset photo of Anthony Herrera & Colleen Zenk

Last Looks, individual articles and candid photos featuring
Donna Cyrus & Stephen Yates...Eileen Fulton...Gerald Anthony


Interview with Jean Bruce Scott (Jessica on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Laura Malone (Blaine on Another World)

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