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Soap Opera Serials March 1977
March 1977

Headliners Of The Month: Ilene Kristen and Larry Bryggman
Full-Page Article, candid photos of each

Welcome Aboard to One Life To Live newcomer Jacklyn Zeman
Full-Page Interview, candid inset photo

Soap Spinners with stuntman and OLTL actor Peter Hock
Full-Page Interview, candid inset photo

Farewell Friends - actors who have recently left shows, candid photos featuring
Dixie Carter...Marilyn Chris...Ray Wise...Jordan Clarke...Dino Narizzano...Tina Sloan...Janice Lynde...Paul Gleason...Morgan Fairchild

Cover Story: Ryan's Hope
3-page article, six photos featuring co-stars
Michael Levin & Kate Mulgrew
Plus The Cover Shot

Search For Tomorrow - Liza Walton: What Price Glamour?
Her marriage flounders as her career takes off
3-page article, two candid photos featuring co-stars
Meg Bennett & Kevin Kline and Michael Nouri

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Charlie's accident has put his marriage on the rocks
2-page article, large half-page photo featuring co-stars
Graham Jarvis & Mary Kay Place

As The World Turns - Carol Stallings: A Gentle Soul Hurt Once Too Often
2-page article, large candid inset photo of Rita McLaughlin
Another photo featuring co-star Eileen Fulton

General Hospital - Audrey and Steve Hardy: Their Bright Future Clouded By A Man From The Past
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo of co-stars John Beradino & Rachel Ames
Eight additional photos including the pair and
Don Chastain...Denise Alexander...Craig Huebing...Michael Gregory...Richard Dean Anderson

The Guiding Light - Hope And Ben: Mistrust Chips Away At Love
3-page article, two photos featuring co-stars Robin Mattson & Steve Yates

One Life To Live: Pat Kendall And Tony Lord - Rekindling A Love That Never Died
3-page article, five photos featuring co-stars Jacqueline Courtney & George Reinholt

Days Of Our Lives - Mickey Horton: Four Women Trouble A Vulnerable Man
4-page article, seven photos featuring co-stars
John Clarke...Margaret Mason...Suzanne Rogers...Rosemary Forsyth...Deidre Hall

Somerset - Friends And Neighbors: Who Can You Trust?
2-page article, large candid inset photo of co-stars Audrey Landers & Jim O'Sullivan
An additional photo of co-star Abby Lewis

All My Children - Dan Kennicott: An Innocent Infatuated With A Heartbreaker
4-page article, six photos featuring co-stars
Daren Kelly...Julia Barr...Larry Fleischman...Ruth Warrick

The Doctors - Stacy Wells Summers: Walking A Tightrope Between Love And Guilt
3-pages, Full-Page Photo of co-stars Leslie Ray & Paul Carr
An additional photo of co-star Glenn Corbett

Love Of Life - Ben Harper: Has Prison Made A Man Of Him?
4-page article, five photos featuring co-stars
Chandler Harben (shirtless in most)...Tudi Wiggins...Liz Kemp

Another World - Mac Cory: Not Enough Faith In His Wife To Be Faithful
4-pages, Full-Page Photo of star Douglass Watson
Five additional photos featuring co-stars
Victoria Wyndham & Bill Lyman (two pics together)...Dorothy Lyman...Fred Beir & Nancy Marchand

The Young and The Restless
Liz Foster: Will Her Mercy Killing Cause More Pain Than It Saved?
4-page article, large candid inset photo of star Julianna McCarthy
Plus an additional photo featuring Trish Stewart & David Hasselhoff

The Edge Of Night - The Saxons: Evil Run In The Family
4-page article, seven photos featuring co-stars
Frances Fisher...Lou Criscuolo...Louis Turenne...David Gale


Welcome Aboard with Jacklyn Zeman of One Life To Live John Beradino & Rachel Ames (Steve and Audrey on General Hospital)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 3-77 Soap Opera Serials MICHAEL LEVIN-KATE MULGREW
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