Daytime TV - March 1971
March 1971

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Laurence Hugo, Ludi Claire & Judith Anderson...Eileen Fulton & Don Stewart...Jonathan Frid & Nancy Brown...John Lupton and son, Eddie...Susan Sullivan...Emily McLaughlin & Bob Hudson...Sasha Von Scherler & Bob Ronan...Dinah Shore and son & daughter...Rita McLaughlin & Ed Bryce...Helen Wagner...Fred Stewart (ex- Love of Life and Secret Storm) passes away

You Can See Them In The Movies, news and candid photos featuring
Martin West...Elizabeth Hubbard...Katherine Meskill...Ken Kercheval

Interview with Dagne Crane of As The World Turns
5-pages, Full-Page Photo plus photos of her husband and son

Interview with Gordon Rigsby of The Secret Storm
4-pages, four candid photos (three in color) with wife & daughters

Interview with Wynne Miller of Another World-Somerset
4-pages, five candid color photos

Interview with Lois Kibbee of The Edge Of Night
4-pages, two candid photos

Search For Tomorrow's Dino Narizzano Adopts Indian Boy
5-page Interview, seven candid photos with his family

Interview with Dean Santoro of As The World Turns
5-pages, five candid photos with co-star Jane House

Interview with Micki Grant of Another World-Bay City
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

Interview with Diane Rousseau of Love Of Life
5-pages, three candid photos

Fearless Alberta Grant Gives A Friday The 13th Party (Edge Of Night)
4-page article with nine candid photos featuring Grant and guests
Ted Tinling...Conard Fowkes...Alan Feinstein...Carol Richards...Don Stewart

Interview with Ron Tomme of Love Of Life
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

Interview with Heather North of Days Of Our Lives
6-pages, five candid photos with fianc?, Wes Kenney

Interview with Larry Block of The Secret Storm
5-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Hollywood Squares gameshow host Peter Marshall
3-pages, two candid photos

Days Of Our Lives 5th Anniversary Party, candid photos featuring
Bill Hayes, Macdonald Carey, Edward Mallory, Margaret Mason, Betty Corday, John Clarke, Susan Seaforth, Frances Reid, Denise Alexander & John Lupton...Carey & Lupton...Heather North & Wes Kenney...Mason, Seaforth & Alexander


Interview with Wynne Miller (Jessica Buchanan on Another World-Somerset) Interview with Lois Kibbee (Geraldine Whitney on The Edge Of Night)

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