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Daytime TV - February 1979
February 1979

The Latest News, articles and candid photos featuring
Terry Davis...Dorothy Malone...Don Stewart...Sarah Felder...Jennifer Leak...Candice Earley...Linda Dano & Frank Attardi engaged...Tony Craig...Pam Lincoln & Jim Pritchett...Elaine Grove...Kathy Glass...Richard Van Vleet...Marie Cheatham...Steve Carlson & Gail Ramsey...David O'Brien...Robin Strasser...Larry Haines & Billie Lou Watt

Marie Masters Breaks Her Engagement
2-page article/interview about her split with John Reilly
Half-Page Photo of Masters, smaller inset shot of Reilly

We Throw A Champagne Party To Celebrate Jacqueline Courtney's
100th Triumph In Our Daytime TV Readers' Poll
Article and 3-pages of candid photos featuring Courtney and
Robin Strasser...Val Dufour...Michael Storm...Linda Dano...John Mansfield...Tom Fuccello...Marie Masters...Nick Benedict

Interview with Josh Taylor of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Big Shake-Up At Another World
When AW becomes TV's first 90-minute serial on January 8, you'll feel like you're going to the movies every day!
3-page article with candid photos including
Victoria Wyndham...Douglass Watson...Beverly Penberthy...Lionel Johnston...Irene Dailey...Hugh Marlowe

Interview with Denise Alexander of General Hospital
4-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with The Young & The Restless co-stars
John McCook & Jaime Lyn Bauer
4-pages; 4 candid photos

Interview with Rita Walter of As The World Turns
4-pages; 3 large candid photos with husband, Norman

2-page article on game show host, Alex Trebek
Near full-page photo, shirtless, with wife Elaine

Interview with Lezlie Dalton of The Guiding Light
5-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Josh Taylor & Anita Sands...Stephen Schnetzer & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Susan Brown and her dog, Puck...Beau Kayzer...Deidre Hall & Mike Douglas...Lee Patterson & Richard Dawson...Erica Hope...Leslie Charleson...Mark Tapscott...Andrea McArdle...Brenda Dickson...Dick Clark...Jaime Lyn Bauer & John Conboy

Love Isn't Easy
Individual articles with candid photos and remarks featuring
Kipp Whitman and wife, Jo Wynne...Stephen Schnetzer and wife, Amy

Jacklyn Zeman's Honeymoon Diary
3-pages; 4 large candid photos from her wedding, plus the vows

Interview with Pamela Lincoln of The Doctors
4-pages; 3 large candid photos, including her husband, Darryl Hickman

Interview with Marilyn McIntyre of Search For Tomorrow
2-pages; large candid inset photo

Interview with Michael Ingram of One Life To Live
3-pages; large candid inset photo

Interview with John Blazo of Ryan's Hope
4-pages; Full-Page Photo and additional photos


Josh Taylor (Chris on Days Of Our Lives) John Blazo (Dr. Pat Ryan on Ryan's Hope)

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