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Daytime TV - February 1978
February 1978

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Michael Zaslow...Ed Kemmer and baby girl...Nick Benedict & Nancy Coyne...Maeve McGuire & Ann Flood...Peg Murray...Glenn Corbett...Nancy Frangione...Judith McConnell & Bob Trimble...John Driver & Sharon Gabet...Mike Douglas & Paul Denis...Bruce Gray...Tom Fuccello...Denny Albee

Interview with Susan Lucci of All My Children
2-pages, two candid photos, including husband, Helmut, and daughter, Liza
Plus a Cover Shot together

Interview with Jed Allan of Days Of Our Lives
5-pages, five candid photos with family
Plus a Cover Shot with co-star Deidre Hall

Interview with Victoria Mallory of The Young and The Restless
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo, two more photos and a Cover Shot

Daytime's Sexiest Love Teams Tell Mike Douglas:
"We Have The Time Of Our Life Doing Kissing Scenes..."
4-page article about stars on the Mike Douglas show with candid photos featuring
Victoria Mallory & Beau Kayzer...Peter Simon & Courtney Sherman...Deidre Hall & Jed Allan...Nancy Frangione & Nick Benedict...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Interview with Michael M. Ryan of Another World
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Michael Levin of Ryan's Hope
4-pages, four candid photos at home, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Marie Masters of As The World Turns
3-pages, large candid inset photo, plus a shot of boyfriend John Reilly

Love Isn't Easy
Today's Young Stars Talk About Their Real-Life Romances
Candid photos and remarks featuring
Philip MacHale...Patricia Estrin...Richard Guthrie

Interview with Jacklyn Zeman of One Life To Live
3-pages, large candid inset photo with boyfriend, Murray Kaufman (shirtless)

Interview with Gwynn Press of The Edge Of Night
2-pages, large candid inset photo

Last Of A 3-Part Series: 40 Fabulous Years Of Guiding Light
3-pages with candid backstage photos featuring
Lenore Kasdorf...Maureen Garrett...Cindy Pickett

Interview with Guiding Light head writers Bridget Dobson & Jerome Dobson
2-pages, candid inset photo

Interview wtih Conard Fowkes of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages, large candid inset photo, plus four photos of his daughters

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Richard Dean Anderson & Valerie Bertinelli...David Hasselhoff...Michael Gregory & Helaine Lembeck...Stuart Damon...Cheryl Ladd, Dinah Shore, Redd Foxx & Bob Barker...Cathy Carricaburu...Cindy Fisher...Why Deidre Hall Doesn't Want To Have Children (no photo)...Denise Alexander...Fred Beir & Bill Hayes...Peter Marshall...Joe Gallison...Craig Huebing Defends Gerald Gordon...Brenda Dickson & Robert Rifkin


Interview with Jed Allan (Don Craig on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Marie Masters (Susan Stewart on As The World Turns)

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