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Daily TV Serials February 1976
February 1976

The Chatterbox, news and candid photos featuring
Chris Hubbell...Patty McCormick...Caroline McWilliams...Michael Zaslow...Maeve McGuire...Stephanie Braxton...Jed Allan and wife, Toby...Nicolas Coster & Susan Sullivan...Morgan Fairchild...Ernest Thompson

Ann and Paul on All My Children
Their Tortured Paths To Happiness and The Man In The Middle
3-page article; candid inset photos featuring co-stars
Judith Barcroft and Bill Mooney

Love Of Life - 24 Years Old and Still Looking Good!
Candid photos at the anniversary party, featuring
Christopher Reeve, Birgitta Tolksdorf & Jerry Lacy...Audrey Peters & Ron Tomme...Tudi Wiggins & Jonathan Moore...Christopher Reeve & Elizabeth Kemp...Pamela Lincoln & Ray Wise...Audrey Peters & Jonathan Moore...Diane Rousseau...John Aniston and wife, Nancy...Deborah Courtney & Jerry Lacy

Interview with former Dark Shadows star, Kathryn Leigh Scott
3-pages; 4 candid photos

As You've Never Seen Them Before: Soapers At A Fan Gathering
4-page article with candid photos including
Jerry Lacy...Val Dufour...Mart Hulswit...John LaGioia...Lou Criscuolo...Michael Stroka...Morgan Fairchild...Veleka Gray

Interview with former As The World Turns star Michael Minor
3-pages; 6 candid photos

Interview with Linda Cook of The Edge of Night
4-pages; 7 candid photos

The Return of the Late, Great Radio Serials!
Radio soapers, featuring the stars of TV serials, make a comeback...
3-page article; candid photos featuring
Bernard Grant & Morgan Fairchild...Bernard Grant alone...Morgan Fairchild and reporter...Larry Haines...Charita Bauer, Rosemary Rice & Joyce Gordon

On The Set With The Cast at Days Of Our Lives
4-page article; candid photos featuring
Bill Hayes, Stanley Kamel & Bennye Gatteys...Brooke Bundy, Susan Seaforth Hayes & Bennye Gatteys...Corinne Conley & Macdonald Carey...Susan Seaforth Hayes & Brooke Bundy...Bill Hayes & Jed Allan...Frances Reid & MacDonald Carey...Jed Allan and makeup artist...Susan Seaforth Hayes and makeup artist...Susan Seaforth Hayes & Frances Reid...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

The Stars Interview The Stars - Single Girls On The Loose:
Paulette Breen Interviews Francesca James
5-pages; ten candid photos together

A Surprise Birthday Bash For George Reinholt...
And The Best Present A Guy Could Ever Have: Jacqueline Courtney
2-page article; 7 candid photos

Denise Alexander: Her Life and Loves (Part II)
5-page interview; eleven candid photos

Interview with Michael Storm of One Life To Live
2-pages; 2 candid photos

The Gang Goes Wild at Robert Colbert's Birthday Beach Party!
3-page article, candid photos including Colbert and guests
Janice Lynde...Steve Carlson...Teri Brooks...Pam Solow...Donnelly Rhodes...Tom Hallick...Tom Selleck...William Gray Espy...Dorothy Green

Headline Newsflashes!
Half-Page Articles with candid photos featuring

Who Killed Mr. S-E-X on Search For Tomorrow?
Brett Halsey
The Newlyweds Leave Somerset!
Bibi Besch & James Congdon
Phyllis Marries Neil...And Things Are Rotten in Salem, USA
Corinne Conley & Joe Gallison

Patty Weaver Sings The Blues At Her Own Wedding
Article and 2-pages of candid photos including Weaver and guests
Mary Frann...Susan Seaforth Hayes...Frances Reid

An Exclusive Photo-Story on The Edge of Night
The Burning Of The New Moon Cafe! 2-pages of photos

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup featuring AMC co-stars
Judith Barcroft & William Mooney


Single Girls On The Loose A Surprise Birthday Bash for George Reinholt

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