February 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Susan Sullivan...Anna Stuart marries Roger Serbage...Sascha von Scherler...Michael Storm and baby girl, Margaret...Santos Ortega, Virginia Payne, Leon Janney, Marian Sweet, Mandel Kramer & Mary Hane Higby...Christopher Hastings & Connie Forslund...Marco St. John...Beverlee McKinsey & Michael Lombard...James Mitchell & Bernadette Peters...Mary K. Wells, Jean Gillespie & Arnold Moss...Charita Bauer, Bibi Osterwald & Larry Baker...Caroline McWilliams & Mart Hulswit...Alan Feinstein and wife, Thiea...Mike Douglas & Eileen Letchworth...Marie Masters...Charles Siebert & Joan Pape...Mart Hulswit, Lynn Deerfield and fans...Armand Assante, Fran Brill & Elissa Leeds...Diane Rousseau, Trip Randall & Jonathan Moore

Interview with Ann Williams of Search For Tomorrow
6-pages, eight candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with John Considine of Another World
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo, plus two photos of his sons

Why Edge Of Night Loves Parties...Especially For The Producer...And The Writer
2-pages of candid party photos, including
Mandel Kramer...Teri Keane...Donald May...John LaGioia...Henry Slesar...Jay Gregory...Ted Tinling...Ann Flood...Alan Feinstein...Lucy Martin...Lois Kibbee...Herb Davis...Alberta Grant

Valerie Starrett's Honeymoon House (General Hospital)
3-pages, interview, four candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Alex Sheafe of The Doctors
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo

The Doctors - Finally, The Emmy To Hold And Cherish!
Article and three candid photos (holding Daytime Emmy statues) featuring
Producer Joe Stuart, Elizabeth Hubbard and her son, Jeremy...David O'Brien & Carolee Campbell...Lydia Bruce & Jim Pritchett

Interview with William Mooney of All My Children
5-pages, Full-Page Photo, three more photos with family, and a Cover Shot together

Interview with Tina Sloan of Somerset
4- pages, Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

Exclusive Photos: Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth's Intimate Wedding
2-pages, four candid photos together, plus a Cover Shot

Y&R: Jeanne Cooper's Traveling Triple Party
Article and four candid photos featuring
Cooper, Tom Hallick, Brenda Dickson & Lee Crawford...Crawford & Hallick...Cooper, Dickson, Janice Lynde, Robert Colbert & Tom Hallick...Cooper, John Conboy, Corbin Bernsen and Cooper's daughter, Carin

Days Of Our Lives - A Happy Ending For A Long, Tortuous Romance
Bill Marries Laura...Finally!
Article and two candid photos featuring co-stars
Edward Mallory & Susan Flannery (plus a Cover Shot)

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Jaime Lyn Bauer & Tom Selleck...Macdonald Carey...Mary Frann...Corinne Conley, Mark Tapscott, Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Brenda Dickson...Jeanne Cooper, Michael Gregory & Trish Stewart...John Beradino & Peter Hansen...William Gray Espy & Janice Lynde...Edward Mallory and wife and son

Search For Tomorrow - First Daytime Serial To Reach 6,000 Performances
Article and candid party photos, featuring
Mary Stuart, Val Dufour & Larry Haines...Stuart & Jeff Pomerantz...Millee Taggart & Val Dufour...Carl Low & Natalie Israel...Larry Haines & Bernie Sofronsky

Game & Talk Show Hosts, news and candid photos featuring
Bob Barker and wife, Dorothy Jo...Mike Douglas and wife, Gen...Richard Dawson & Gene Rayburn...Ruta Lee & Dan Werle

Interview with Celebrity Sweepstakes host Jim McKrell
6-pages, Full-Page Photo with wife, five additional pics with family, plus a Cover Shot

Jack Betts: Hero Of Spaghetti Westerns
And Now He's Making His Daytime Serial Debut (The Guiding Light)
3-page article, large candid inset photo


Interview with John Considine (Vic Hastings on Another World) Interview with William Mooney (Paul Martin on All My Children)

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