Daytime TV - February 1975
February 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Susan Sullivan...Anna Stuart marries Roger Serbage...Sascha von Scherler...Michael Storm and baby girl, Margaret...Santos Ortega, Virginia Payne, Leon Janney, Marian Sweet, Mandel Kramer & Mary Hane Higby...Christopher Hastings & Connie Forslund...Marco St. John...Beverlee McKinsey & Michael Lombard...James Mitchell & Bernadette Peters...Mary K. Wells, Jean Gillespie & Arnold Moss...Charita Bauer, Bibi Osterwald & Larry Baker...Caroline McWilliams & Mart Hulswit...Alan Feinstein and wife, Thiea...Mike Douglas & Eileen Letchworth...Marie Masters...Charles Siebert & Joan Pape...Mart Hulswit, Lynn Deerfield and fans...Armand Assante, Fran Brill & Elissa Leeds...Diane Rousseau, Trip Randall & Jonathan Moore

Interview with Ann Williams of Search For Tomorrow
6-pages, eight candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with John Considine of Another World
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo, plus two photos of his sons

Why Edge Of Night Loves Parties...Especially For The Producer...And The Writer
2-pages of candid party photos, including
Mandel Kramer...Teri Keane...Donald May...John LaGioia...Henry Slesar...Jay Gregory...Ted Tinling...Ann Flood...Alan Feinstein...Lucy Martin...Lois Kibbee...Herb Davis...Alberta Grant

Valerie Starrett's Honeymoon House (General Hospital)
3-pages, interview, four candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Alex Sheafe of The Doctors
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo

The Doctors - Finally, The Emmy To Hold And Cherish!
Article and three candid photos (holding Daytime Emmy statues) featuring
Producer Joe Stuart, Elizabeth Hubbard and her son, Jeremy...David O'Brien & Carolee Campbell...Lydia Bruce & Jim Pritchett

Interview with William Mooney of All My Children
5-pages, Full-Page Photo, three more photos with family, and a Cover Shot together

Interview with Tina Sloan of Somerset
4- pages, Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

Exclusive Photos: Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth's Intimate Wedding
2-pages, four candid photos together, plus a Cover Shot

Y&R: Jeanne Cooper's Traveling Triple Party
Article and four candid photos featuring
Cooper, Tom Hallick, Brenda Dickson & Lee Crawford...Crawford & Hallick...Cooper, Dickson, Janice Lynde, Robert Colbert & Tom Hallick...Cooper, John Conboy, Corbin Bernsen and Cooper's daughter, Carin

Days Of Our Lives - A Happy Ending For A Long, Tortuous Romance
Bill Marries Laura...Finally!
Article and two candid photos featuring co-stars
Edward Mallory & Susan Flannery (plus a Cover Shot)

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Jaime Lyn Bauer & Tom Selleck...Macdonald Carey...Mary Frann...Corinne Conley, Mark Tapscott, Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Brenda Dickson...Jeanne Cooper, Michael Gregory & Trish Stewart...John Beradino & Peter Hansen...William Gray Espy & Janice Lynde...Edward Mallory and wife and son

Search For Tomorrow - First Daytime Serial To Reach 6,000 Performances
Article and candid party photos, featuring
Mary Stuart, Val Dufour & Larry Haines...Stuart & Jeff Pomerantz...Millee Taggart & Val Dufour...Carl Low & Natalie Israel...Larry Haines & Bernie Sofronsky

Game & Talk Show Hosts, news and candid photos featuring
Bob Barker and wife, Dorothy Jo...Mike Douglas and wife, Gen...Richard Dawson & Gene Rayburn...Ruta Lee & Dan Werle

Interview with Celebrity Sweepstakes host Jim McKrell
6-pages, Full-Page Photo with wife, five additional pics with family, plus a Cover Shot

Jack Betts: Hero Of Spaghetti Westerns
And Now He's Making His Daytime Serial Debut (The Guiding Light)
3-page article, large candid inset photo


Interview with John Considine (Vic Hastings on Another World) Interview with William Mooney (Paul Martin on All My Children)

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