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Daytime TV February 1970
February 1970

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
John Beradino & Norma Wood...Sharon DeBord & Dan Hortter...Micki Grant & Paul Denis...David Selby...Nancy Donohue...Martin West and wife, Carol...Roger Davis...Diane Rousseau...Sue Bernard & Jim Young...Pamela Toll...Sonny Fox, Shawn Robins & Gabriele Leyna...John Lupton and kids...Helen Wagner and husband, Robert...Donna Mills (string bikini) and boyfriend, Vic (shirtless)...Lara Parker...Leonie Norton...Allan Miller and wife & sons

Interview with Virginia Dwyer of Another World
4-pages, ten candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

General Hospital's John Beradino: Back To His Old Love Baseball!
2-page article, four candid photos at an annual celebrity ball game in Hollywood

Interview with Marjorie Gateson of The Secret Storm
2-pages, five candid photos

Leslie Charleson - Blonde, Beautiful And Very Independent
4-pages, Full-Page Photo, eleven additional pics (including string bikini, head-to-toe shot) plus a Cover Pic

Interview with Peter Burnell of The Doctors
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus seven additional photos

Where Are They Now, news and candid photos featuring
Heidi Vaughn...Adelle Rasey...Shepperd Strudwick...Anthony Roberts...Gaye Huston & Morgan Paull...Peter Link & C.C. Courtney...Rachel Ames & Byron Foulger...Mary Bracken Phillips

Interview with Ray Fulmer of The Guiding Light
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo with wife, Daniella, five additional pics including wife & son
Plus a Cover Shot together

Interview with Kelly Wood of Search For Tomorrow
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus seven additional photos from childhood

Stars In The Kitchen, recipes and candid photos featuring
Val Dufour and Nat Polen

Interview with Don Stewart of The Guiding Light
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus six additional photos

Remember When? Wasn't It A Beautiful Wedding?
Some lovely daytime wedding-scene moments of the past few years, candid photos including
Ann Flood & Laurence Hugo...Gerald Gordon & Elizabeth Hubbard...Carol Roux...Lori March & Ward Costello...Carol Roux, Joe Gallison and real-life wife, Connie...Michael M. Ryan & Susan Trustman...Beverly Penberthy & Michael M. Ryan...Patricia Bruder & Henderson Forsythe

Interview with Lucille Wall of General Hospital
4-pages, eight candid photos

Interview with Eileen Fulton of As The World Turns
4-pages, eight candid photos and a Cover Shot

Edward Mallory Marries Joyce Bulifant - Second Chance at Happiness
2-page article, large half-page pic surrounded by their kids, plus five additional photos including guests
Susan Flannery & Dr. Charles Koskraska...Heather North & Ralph Wise...Denise Alexander & David Hartman...John Clarke and wife, Patty...Macdonald Carey & Norma Dauphin

Whatever Happened To Walt Disney's Mousketeers? 4-pages, candid photos including
Annette Funicello...Darlene Gillespie...Sharon Baird...Bobby Burgess...Cubby O'Brien...Jimmey Dodd...Paul Petersen...Nancy Druckenbrod

Interview with Michael Stroka of Dark Shadows
Full-Page Interview followed by a Full-Page Photo

Interview with Clarice Blackburn of Dark Shadows
2-pages, large half-page photo plus three additional pics

Interview with Peter Hansen of General Hospital
4-pages, seven candid photos, plus a Cover Shot with family

Interview with David Bailey of Where The Heart Is
2-pages, two large candid photos

Interview with Macdonald Carey of Days Of Our Lives
On divorcing his wife of 28 years
4-pages, large half-page photo, two additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with game-show host, Mike Darow (Dream House)
Full-Page Photo followed by a Full-Page Interview and one more pic

Inside Rear Cover: Most Popular Daytime Serial - As The World Turns
Full-Page Collage of photos, featuring
Dagne Crane & Don Hastings...Barbara Berjer & William Johnstone...Martin Rudy & Anna Minot...Don McLaughlin & Helen Wagner


Interview with Eileen Fulton of ATWT Interview with David Bailey of Where The Heart Is

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