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February 27, 1998 - 2 Hours

Hosted by Leeza Gibbons & Drake Hogestyn

Nominees who attended and were captured by the cameras when announced and featured in clips of their work include:

Steve Burton, Eddie Cibrian, Daniel Markel, Tricia Cast, Judi Evans Luciano, Kelley Menighan-Hensley, Shemar Moore, Ronn Moss, Ingo Rademacher, Michael E. Knight, John McCook, Robert Newman, Jennifer Bassey, Tracey E. Bregman

Kathleen Noone, Sarah Buxton, Alison Sweeney, Cynthia Watros, Sam Behrens, Roger Howarth, Michael Nader, Jensen Ackles, Michael Park, Clive Robertson, Lauralee Bell, Sarah Brown, Gina Tognoni, Mark Pinter, Kim Rhodes, Peter Parros

Lauren Martin-Harkins, Beth Ehlers, Grant Aleksander, Sabryn Genet, Jennifer Hammond, Florencia Lozano, Ivan G'Vera, John Ingle, Eric Morgan Stuart, Laura Wright, Mitch Longley, Stephen Markle, Sharon Case, Kassie DePaiva, John Callahan, Tom Eplin, Kin Shriner, Eileen Davidson, Vanessa Marcil, Kim Zimmer


Stars who appeared on the stage presenting awards include:

Jacklyn Zeman, Sarah Brown, Roark Critchlow, Alison Sweeney, Eileen Davidson, Maura West, Michael Park, Kassie DePaiva, James DePaiva, Linda Dano, Judi Evans Luciano, Tom Eplin, Lisa Peluso

Ian Buchanan, Barbara Crampton, Jennifer Bassey, Michael E. Knight, Jason George, Sherri Saum, Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, Jennifer Gareis, Vanessa Marcil, Ingo Rademacher, Michael Nader, John Callahan

Jon Hensley, Kelley Menighan-Hensley, Debbi Morgan, Mitch Longley, Rhonda Ross, Henry Simmons, Kristoff St. John, Shemar Moore, Kim Zimmer, Robert Newman, Eddie Cibrian, Sam Behrens


Stars who won awards and accepted them onstage include:

Steve Burton, Judi Evans Luciano, Ingo Rademacher

Michael E. Knight, Jennifer Bassey, Alison Sweeney

Roger Howarth, Jensen Ackles, Sarah Brown

Beth Ehlers, Grant Aleksander, Sabryn Genet

John Ingle, Laura Wright, Sharon Case

John Callahan, Vanessa Marcil

Special Editor's Award given to As The World Turns stars
Kathryn Hays & Don Hastings

Producer's Choice video-clips aired for all shows, featuring numerous performers


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