Daytime TV's Greatest Stories No. 3
Published in 1982

The Latest Dilemmas of Port Charles
Storyline news and mostly candid photos featuring
Sharon Wyatt & Demi Moore...Anthony Geary, Demi Moore & Tristan Rogers..Robin Mattson & Doug Sheehan...Dawson Mays & Janine Turner...Leslie Charleson & Stuart Damon...Anthony Geary & Demi Moore...Miles McNamara...Paul Rossilli...John Beradino & Susan Pratt...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander...Kin Shriner & Robin Mattson...David Lewis & Gail Rae Carlson

A Little Makeup and A Touch of Glamour
Candid shots backstage featuring
Leslie Charleson...Miles McNamara...Gail Rae Carlson

Stars in Featured Interviews with multiple candid photos include

  • Anthony Geary
  • Demi Moore
  • Tristan Rogers
  • Gail Rae Carlson
  • Rick Springfield

  • Chris Robinson
  • Robin Mattson
  • John Stamos
  • Kin Shriner
  • Doug Sheehan

  • Janine Turner
  • Dawson Mays
  • Sharon Wyatt
  • Paul Rossilli
  • Denise Alexander

  • Stuart Damon
  • Shell Kepler
  • Miles McNamara
  • Leslie Charleson
  • John Beradino

  • Susan Brown
  • Todd Davis
  • David Lewis
  • Anna Lee
  • Loanne Bishop

  • Jordan Charney
  • Lieux Dressler
  • Emily McLaughlin
  • Bianca Ferguson
  • Nita Talbot

GH After Hours, individual articles and candid photos featuring
Kin Shriner & Leslie Charleson...Anthony Geary...Tristan Rogers...Demi Moore...Todd Davis...Merrie Lynn Ross

It's A Family Affair - candid photos featuring
Anthony Geary and sister, Deanne...Lieux Dressler and son, Michael...Kin Shriner and brother & sister, Wil & Indy...Rachel Ames and daughter, Christine

Port Charles Profile - A Guide To Every Character
Their lives and loves at a glance, candid photos including
Anthony Geary & Kin Shriner...Demi Moore...Rachel Ames, John Beradino & Emily McLaughlin

Winging It! Peter Hansen & Rachel Ames
Pictorial of the two in Mexico with their spouses, 7 candid photos

GH Says Goodbye To:
Individual articles with candid photos featuring
Philip Tanzini...Martin Brooks...Susan Pratt

Life After General Hospital - What Past Favorites Are Up To Now
Candid photos and updates featuring
Jacklyn Zeman...George Gaynes...Ray Girardin...Jane Elliot...James Sikking...Genie Francis...Daniel J. Travanti...Chris Morley

At Long Last Love: Dan & Ruby
Full-Page Article; candid inset photos of co-stars
Frank Maxwell & Norma Connolly


Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake, GH) Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer, GH) Demi Moore (Jackie Templeton, GH)

Mailing Label? - NO
Number 84 written in ink at the top of the cover.
Otherwise, VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.