Photo Album #2 (1981)

Stars featured in Full-Page Color Pinups include
  • Sharon Wyatt & Tristan Rogers
  • Robin Mattson
  • Doug Sheehan
  • Anthony Geary
  • Genie Francis

  • Kin Shriner
  • Tristan Rogers alone
  • Chris Robinson & Genie Francis
  • Chris Robinson alone
  • Denise Alexander & Chris Robinson

  • Leslie Charleson
  • Jacklyn Zeman & Rick Springfield
  • Shell Kepler & Loanne Bishop
  • Susan Pratt
  • Stuart Damon
  • Gail Rae Carlson

I Love You...Until Someone New Steps Into My Life
A Tribute To Young Lovers! Candid photos featuring
Susan Pratt & Doug Sheehan...Jacklyn Zeman & Rick Springfield...Todd Davis & Bianca Ferguson...Susan Pratt & Richard Dean Anderson

Tinseltown In Port Charles
Elizabeth Taylor Checks Into General Hospital
4 screen captures, all with Taylor and co-stars
Anthony Geary...Rick Springfield...Tristan Rogers

Luke & Laura: Our Wedding Day
Nine pages with multiple screen captures from the wedding
Accompanied by a 2-page Color Centerfold Pullout of co-stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis

Complete Character Guide to General Hospital

Stars featured in Full-Page B&W pinups include

  • Jacklyn Zeman & Doug Sheehan
  • Kin Shriner & Genie Francis
  • Sharon Wyatt & Tristan Rogers
  • David Lewis & Renee Anderson
  • Rachel Ames & John Beradino
  • Bradley Greene & Phillip Tanzini
  • Peter Hansen & Susan Brown

Rear Cover: Another Full-Page Color Pinup of co-stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis


Genie Francis (Laura, GH) Tristan Rogers (Scorpio, GH)

Mailing Label? - NO
Number 96 written in ink at the top of the cover.
Otherwise, VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.