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1978 Best Of Daytime TV

Jed Allan To Leave Daytime Fans Who Adore Him?
Full-Page Article, candid inset photo with wife and dogs
Plus a Full-Page Color Pinup of Allan with DAYS co-star Deidre Hall

Those Marvelous Song & Dancers
Candid photos on a CBS music special featuring
Keith Charles & Victoria Mallory...Don Hastings...Beau Kayzer, Mallory & John McCook
Plus a Full-Page Color Pinup of John McCook & Victoria Mallory

Tony Craig Found His Girl...But Marriage Is Not In The Stars
Full-Page Article, candid shots of Craig and girlfriend, Pamela Golden
Plus A Full-Page Color Pinup of Craig

2-Page Color Centerfold Shot of the cast of Another World in 1976

OLTL Personal Profiles with Lee Patterson and Erika Slezak
Info and replicas of their autographs
Plus, a Full-Page Color Pinup together

Full-Page Color Pinup of the cast of The Edge Of Night in 1978

Personal Profiles with Another World co-stars
Victoria Wyndham and Douglass Watson
Info, autographs and a Full-Page Color Pinup together

How Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes Stay Young and Beautiful
3-page article, four candid photos, plus a Full-Page Color Pinup together

Elegant, Pensive, Seductive, Jaunty...
The Many Faces Of Kathryn Hays...All Beautiful
2-pages; four candid photos

15 Opinionated Daytimers Tackle The Controversial Topic
Living Together Before Marriage
Candid photos and remarks featuring
Ron Hale...Christine Jones...Birgitta Tolksdorf...Lewis Arlt...Roxanne Gregory...John Gabriel...Billie Lou Watt...Michael Allinson...Mary Stuart...more

Denise Alexander At Home
Full-Page Feature, article and three candid photos

Would you raise a child outside of marriage? Candid photos and replies of
David Hasselhoff...Brooke Bundy...Susan Brown...Steve Carlson...Richard Guthrie...Trish Stewart...Jacqueline Courtney...Tina Andrews...Jaime Lyn Bauer...Michael Gregory

Beau Kayzer's Sexy Sign Language!
Full-Page Feature, three candid photos with assorted signs

At Home With Susan Lucci of All My Children
2-page spread, article and four candid photos with husband & daughter, Liza

Animals Are Deidre Hall's Favorite People!
Article and 2-pages of candid photos with assorted animals

A Big Send-Off For A Beautiful Lady
The champagne toasts were mixed with tears when Ryan's Hope bid farewell to Kate Mulgrew - 2-pages of candid photos featuring Mulgrew and
Ilene Kristen...Michael Levin and wife, Elizabeth...Candice Earley and fiance, Peter...Louise Shaffer...Cathy Hicks & Tom MacGreevy...Nancy Addison...Justin Deas and daughter, Yvette

Exclusive! Jacquie Courtney In Her Brand-New Hideaway
2-pages, article and four candid photos at home

Full-Page Color Pinup of the cast of General Hospital in 1978

John McCook Talks About The Loneliness of His Long-Distance Marriage
3-page Interview, five candid photos

Dixie Carter A Bride
Article on her real-life wedding, candid inset photo

Meet A Closet Fatty Who Stays Sinfully Thin
Trish Stewart of The Young and The Restless
3-page Interview, three candid photos

Meet The Most Kissed Man In America
Richard Dawson of Family Feud
2-page Interview, two candid photos

Michael Gregory Reveals - My Secret Psychic Powers
2-page Interview, three candid photos

Backstage Laughs with Jada Pinkett & David O'Brien of The Doctors
3-page Interview, five candid photos

Full-Page Color Pinup of the cast of Guiding Light in 1978

2-Page Color Centerfold of the cast of As The World Turns in 1978

Donald May And Wife Separate
Full-Page Article accompanied by a Full-Page Color Pinup featuring May and
Maeve McGuire & Dixie Carter

Michael Levin: A Remarried Father Welcomes His Son Back Home
3-page Interview, four candid photos

Virginia Payne Passes On
Star of radio's Ma Perkins for 27 years dies of cancer at age 66
2-page article, two candid photos

For 25 Years America's Oldest Teen - Dick Clark
3-page article, seven candid photos

Don Hastings: The Private Life He Refuses To Share
Article, Full-Page Photo with wife, Nan

Inside Rear Cover: Full-Page B&W Pinup of GH's Denise Alexander

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup featuring
Keith Charles, Beau Kayzer, John McCook, Don Hastings
and Victoria Mallory


Deidre Hall & Jed Allan (Marlena and Don on Days Of Our Lives) Maeve McGuire, Donald May & Dixie Carter (Nicole, Adam and Brandy on The Edge Of Night)

Mailing Label? - NO
124-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 1978 Best of Daytime TV 12th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE
    Product Introduced:  02/20/2016
    Last Modified:  07/31/2021
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