By Daytime TV (1976)

Y&R: Lance & Lorie Were Playing Games With Each Other's Hearts
Photos including John McCook & Jaime Lyn Bauer, William Gray Espy

Y&R: Brad Wanted Everything From Leslie...Except Sympathy
Photos including Tom Hallick & Janice Lynde, Robert Colbert

OLTL: Tony and Cathy - Stormy Courtship...Whirlwind Marriage...And Now Regret
Photos including George Reinholt & Dorrie Kavanaugh...Jennifer Harmon

ATWT: Two Men Love Kim - John Knows His Devotion Will Last An Eternity...
Photos including Larry Bryggman, Kathryn Hays & John Reilly

AMC: Ruth and David Felt Lost...Until They Found Each Other
Photos including Mary Fickett & Paul Gleason...Nick Benedict

DAYS: Amanda Must Choose Between Two Men - Neil & Greg Wait For Her Decision
Photos including Mary Frann, Joe Gallison & Peter Brown

AW: Mac Wonders If He Ever Really Made Rachel Happy
Photos including Victoria Wyndham, Douglass Watson & Beverlee McKinsey

AMC: Phil and Tara Have Only One Obstacle To Happiness: Chuck's Fascination With Donna
Photos including Nick Benedict, Stephanie Braxton, Richard Van Vleet, Candice Earley

Y&R: Liz and Bill - Til Death Do You Part
Photos including Julianna McCarthy & Charles Gray, Jim Houghton

EDGE: Adam & Nicole Find Each Other...Again
Photos including Donald May, Maeve McGuire & Dixie Carter

RYAN: Frank & Delia - Only Religion And Their Baby Kept Them Together
Photos including Michael Hawkins & Ilene Kristen, Ron Hale

SEARCH: John And Eunice's Problems Began In The Bedroom
Photos including Val Dufour, Ann Williams & Morgan Fairchild

GL: Mike & Leslie Were Blissfully Happy...Til The Tragic End
Photos including Don Stewart & Lynne Adams, Mart Hulswit

LIFE: Meg Lost The Only Man She Ever Truly Loved...To Her Daughter
Photos including Tudi Wiggins, Jerry Lacy, John Aniston & Deborah Courtney

ATWT: Jay, Carol, Tom & Natalie: Two Young Marriages On The Rebound
Photos including Dennis Cooney, Rita McLaughlin, C. David Colson & Judith Chapman

GH: Monica Is Married To One Dr. Weber...But In Love With His Brother
Photos including Leslie Charleson & Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Gregory

DOCTORS: Althea About Nick - He Makes A Great Surgeon, A Great Friend, But A Rotten Husband
Photos including Elizabeth Hubbard & Gerald Gordon, Julia Duffy

SOMERSET: Ellen's Love For A Younger Man Defeated By The Age Difference
Photos including Georgann Johnson & Jameson Parker, Joel Crothers

EDGE: For Nancy, Suddenly Marriage Was Not Enough...
Photos including Ann Flood, Forrest Compton, Doug McKeon & Donald May

Y&R: Once Joann Lost Weight and Gained A New Self-Image...For The First Time, She Could Visualize Life Without Jack
Photos including Kay Heberle & Anthony Herrera...Jeanne Cooper...Beau Kayzer

DAYS: For David And Valerie - Love Is Color-Blind
Photos including Richard Guthrie & Tina Andrews...Ketty Lester & Lawrence Cook

GH: Steve And Audrey - The Tragedy That Brought Them Together Again
Photos including John Beradino & Rachel Ames...James Sikking...Gerald Gordon

OLTL: Now That Dorian Got Rid Of Victor She's Setting Her Sights On Joe & Viki's Marriage
Photos including Nancy Pinkerton, Lee Patterson & Erika Slezak

LOVE: Will Betsy Ever Forgive Ben? Their Baby And His Imprisonment Has Given Her Time To Think, photos including Elizabeth Kemp, Christopher Reeve & Chandler Harben

AW: In Winning The Love Of Another Man, Pat's Losing The Love Of Her Daughter
Photos including Beverly Penberthy, Ariane Munker & David Ackroyd

OLTL: Jenny Made Tim's Last Moments His Happiest
Photos including Kathy Glass, Tom Berenger, Jordan Charney & Farley Granger

DAYS: Johnny Left Rebecca At The Altar
Photos including Paul Henry Itkin, Brooke Bundy & Robert Clary

DAYS: Julie & Doug Together At Last...But For How Long?
Photos including Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

DAYS: Linda Showed Mike How To Love...And Regrets It
Photos including Margaret Mason, Wesley Eure & Patty Weaver

RYAN: Mary and Jack - Their Irish Eyes Are Not Smiling
Photos including Kate Mulgrew & Michael Levin

Y&R: Jennifer Brooks Mastectomy: The Heartbreak Of Discovery, The Determination To Recuperate
Photos including Dorothy Green, Paul Stevens & Robert Colbert

DAYS: Mickey Horton's Mental Breakdown - The Causes...And Slow Road To Recovery
Photos including John Clarke, Suzanne Rogers & Edward Mallory

Bonus Section: Love & Marriage
Real-Life Love Stories Of Your Favorite Daytime People
Candid photos and Half-Page Articles for all, featuring
Judith McConnell...Kathy Glass...Kaye Stevens...Martin West...Ted Shackelford...John Driver...Karen Gorney and Paul Gleason...Denny Albee...Denise Alexander...Larry Keith...Forrest Compton...Chuck Woolery...Beverly Penberthy...Johanna Leister

Inside Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of One LIfe To Live co-stars
George Reinholt & Dorrie Kavanaugh

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of Days Of Our Lives co-stars & real-life couple
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes


Two Men Love Kim on As The World Turns Mac Wonders If He Ever Really Made Rachel Happy on Another World

Mailing Label? - NO
The front and rear covers suffer from moisture exposure/wrinkling, but...
The contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or damage of any kind.