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1976 Daytime TV Super Special
Published in 1976

New Triangle On One Life To Live

Full-Page Color Pinup featuring co-stars
George Reinholt, Jacqueline Courtney & Dorrie Kavanaugh
Plus an article with two additional photos

Trish Stewart of The Young & The Restless
End of a 5-year marriage and...a new understanding about herself
Full-Page Color Pinup plus one additional photo

The Most Musical Cast On Daytime TV
Almost everybody on Days Of Our Lives sings or dances
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Mark Tapscott and family...Wesley Eure...Patty Weaver & Mundell Lowe...Edward Mallory, Robert Clary, John Clarke & Jed Allan...Bill Hayes

Daytime's First Royal Couple - Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth
Full-Page Color Pinup together plus one additional photo

Ann and Paul on All My Children - Their Love Overcame All Obstacles
Full-Page Color Pinup of co-stars
Judith Barcroft & William Mooney
Plus one additional photo

Behind The Scenes At Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Greg Mullavey & Louise Lasser...Dody Goodman, Phil Bruns, Debralee Scott, Mary Kay Place, Mullavey, Lasser, Claudia Lamb, Graham Jarvis & Victor Kilian

Edge Of Night: Two Beautiful Women Who Want The Same Man
Full-Page Color Pinup featuring co-stars
Maeve McGuire, Donald May & Dixie Carter
Plus two additional photos

Brenda Dickson of Y&R: She Made Up Her Mind About Marriage
Full-Page Color Pinup, head-to-toe shot in a string bikini
Plus one more photo

Ariane Munker of Another World
Smart...And A Life Ahead To Enjoy
Full-Page Color Pinup plus one additional photo

They Show Their Talent On The Stage, Too
Daytimers star in stage roles on Broadway and in other cities
Candid photos onstage featuring
Nancy Donahue & Stephen Joyce...Michael Durrell & Richard Woods...Douglass Watson & George Hall...Dorothy Stinnette & Sam Gray...David Selby & Diane Kagan...Charles Cioffi...Virginia Vestoff & T. Miratti...Ernest Thompson & Sheila K. Adams...Christopher Walken & Kathryn Walker

Leads Of Love Of Life For 17 Years - Audrey Peters & Ron Tomme
Full-Page Color Pinup together plus two additional photos

A 1976 Bicentennial Feature: They Can Trace Their Ancestry Way Back
12-pages of Individual articles on their heritage with candid photos featuring
John Cunningham...Emily McLaughlin...Marie Cheatham...Mary Stuart...Ann Williams...Mary Stuart...Judith Barcroft...David Ackroyd...Carl Low...Robert Burr...Peter White...Anna Stuart...Ron Tomme...Val Dufour...Brett Halsey...Fawne Harriman...Rick Lohman...Paul Gleason...Fran Heflin...Bill Hayes...Billie Lou Watt...Leslie Ray...Lois Kibbee...William Mooney...Sue Ann Gilfillan

illuminating American History: Daytime Stars In Historical Roles
Article and six pages of candid photos featuring
Elizabeth Hubbard...Bill Hayes (three photos)...William Mooney...Erika Slezak & MIchael Fairman...Robert Burr...Peter Lombardi, David Cryer & William Daniels...Bill Hunt...Richard Van Vleet and wife, Linda...Patricia Bruder & Len Gochman...Fran Brill & Gerald Gordon...Ed Kemmer...Rosemary Murphy...Jeanne Ruskin...Donald May...Bibi Besch

Complete Viewers Guide To All Fourteen Serials On The Air

In War As Well Peace...They Served Their Country
4-page article on actors who served in the U.S. military, candid photos of
Don Stewart (two photos)...John Cunningham...Edward Mallory...Macdonald Carey...Peter Hansen...Niles McMaster...Jonathan Frid...Donald May

Daytime TV Actors Support The Return Of Radio Drama
4-page article with candid photos featuring
Mason Adams...Charita Bauer...Larry Haines...Joyce Gordon...Delores Sutton...Wesley Addy & Celeste Holm...Sandy Dennis...Mercedes McCambridge...Tammy Grimes...Jada Rowland...Jackson Beck

Who's Who on All The Soaps
2-pages for each show on the air
with family & character histories and candid photos featuring

All My Children - Premiere Date January 5, 1970
Ruth Warrick...Francesca James...Daren Kelly...Mary Fickett
Another World - Premiere Date May 4, 1964
Douglass Watson & Victoria Wyndham...Nicolas Coster & Beverlee McKinsey

As The World Turns - Premiere Date April 2, 1956
Don Hastings & Helen Wagner...John Reilly & Kathrn Hays
Days Of Our Lives - Premiere Date November 19, 1965
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...John Clarke...Suzanne Rogers

The Doctors - Premiere Date April 1, 1963
Lauren White & Armand Assante...Julia Duffy...David O'Brien
The Edge Of Night - Premiere Date April 2, 1956
Mandel Kramer, Forrest Compton, Ann Flood & Donald May

General Hospital - Premiere Date April 1, 1963
John Beradino & Emily McLaughlin...Valerie Starrett & Craig Huebing
The Guiding Light - Premiere Date June 30, 1952
Don Stewart...Mart Hulswit...Robert Milli & Barbara Berjer

Love Of Life - Premiere Date September 24, 1951
Tudi Wiggins & Christopher Reeve...Audrey Peters & Joanna Roos
One Life To Live - Premiere Date July 15, 1968
George Reinholt & Jacqueline Courtney...Erika Slezak & Shepperd Strudwick

Ryan's Hope - Premiere Date July 7, 1975
Michael Levin & Kate Mulgrew...Bernard Barrow & Helen Gallagher
Search For Tomorrow - Premiere Date September 3, 1951
Val Dufour & Meg Bennett...Mary Stuart & Michael Nouri

Somerset - Premiere Date March 30, 1970
Michael Lipton, Veleka Gray, Georgann Johnson & Abby Lewis
The Young and The Restless - Premiere Date March 26, 1973
Dorothy Green & Robert Colbert...John McCook & Jaime Lyn Bauer

Inside The Game Show Hosts, articles and candid photos featuring
Bob Barker...Dick Clark...Bert Convy...Bob Eubanks...Monty Hall...Tom Kennedy...Peter Marshall...Wink Martindale...Jim McKrell...Gene Rayburn...Alex Trebek...Bobby Van...Chuck Woolery

Inside Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of Mary Stuart holding a cat

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of Denise Alexander holding flowers


George Reinholt, Dorrie Kavanaugh & Jacqueline Courtney (Tony, Cathy and Pat on One Life To Live) Audrey Peters and Ron Tomme (Vanessa and Bruce on Love Of Life)

Mailing Label? - NO
Storage wear to the cover.
The contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 1976 Daytime TV Super Special #3 TRISH STEWART
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    Last Modified:  07/31/2021
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