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1976 Best Of Daytime TV
10th Anniversary Issue 1966-1976

William Gray Espy: Man Of Mystery
He holds a degree in, he's daytime's hottest new star
Full-Page Article, candid inset photo

Don Hastings & Eileen Fulton - Private and Public...Different Lifestyles
3-page article, five candid photos

Jonathan Frid - How A Vampire Comes To Life
Article and 2-pages of candid photos in makeup room, thirteen total

What Really Happened: Why George Reinholt Left Another World
3-page Interview, 5 candid photos

Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth In Surprise Wedding
Susan's mother tells the heart-warming story of the tender, most romantic private ceremony, 2-page article, three photos

AMC: Why Eileen Letchworth Had A Real Face-Lift
3-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo and 3 more photos

After A Hollywood Career, Kathryn Hays Finds Serenity In New York
4-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo plus four additional photos

Carla Marries Ed On One Life To Live
Beautiful Wedding A Landmark In Daytime TV History
2-pages, article and four photos featuring OLTL co-stars
Ellen Holly & Al Freeman Jr.

Charles Frank & Susan Blanchard - Their Storyline Romance Became Real
Full-Page Article, large candid inset photo together

OLTL: After Two Years Of Misunderstandings...
Vicky and Joe In Quiet Church Wedding
Article and 2-pages of photos featuring co-stars
Erika Slezak & Lee Patterson

Ann Williams: I Had To Work For Everything - My Father Died When I Was 15
5-pages, Interview plus nine candid photos

Talking With The Creator: Agnes Nixon
2-page Interview, two candid photos

Gorgeous Full-Page Color Pinups (or more) throughout the magazine, including

  • William Gray Espy
  • George Reinholt & Jacqueline Courtney
  • Maeve McGuire & Donald May
  • Janice Lynde & Tom Hallick
  • Victoria Wyndham

  • Erika Slezak & Lee Patterson
  • Lynn Deerfield & Mart Hulswit
  • Eileen Fulton & Don Hastings
  • William Mooney, Judith Barcroft & Larry Keith
  • Cast of All My Children (2-page Centerfold)

  • Lydia Bruce & James Pritchett
  • Mary Stuart & Anthony George
  • Cast of Love Of Life (2-page Centerfold)
  • Emily McLaughlin & John Beradino
  • Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Don Stewart Answers All Those Rumors
"I'm Married And I Have A Daughter"
4-page Interview, Full-Page Photo with baby girl, plus seven more photos

How Margaret Mason Beat Pneumonia, Cancer, Heart Surgery In One Disastrous Year; 3-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo plus two more photos

Tina Sloan's Elegant Wedding
Full-Page Article, two candid photos with husband, Stephen

Toni Bull & Gene Bua - Marriage On TV Turned Into The Real Thing
Full-Page Article, large candid inset photo together

Irna Phillips Gone
2-page article, candid inset photo

Theo Goetz Dead At 78
2-page article, four candid photos

Patty Weaver's Unconventional, Informal Wedding
3-page article, Full-Page Photo with husband, Larry, plus six more photos

Trish Stewart - After The Separation, A Chance To Rediscover Herself
4-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo plus four additional photos

Merv Griffin: The New Daily Ritual That Changed His Life
2-page Interview, three candid photos

How Nancy Pinkerton Handles the Recession
3-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo plus five more photos

Inside Rear Cover: Full-Page B&W Pinup of Jaime Lyn Bauer


Full-Page Color Pinup of Another World star Victoria Wyndham (Rachel Cory) Full-Page Color Pinup of One Life To Live stars Erika Slezak & Lee Patterson (Vicky and Joe)

Minor storage wear to the cover; otherwise, 132-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 1976 Best of Daytime TV 10th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE
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