Soap Opera People December 1984
December 1984 - Premiere Issue

Soap Scoop, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Elizabeth Hubbard...Karen Kelly...Vincent Irizarry...Bo Mancuso...Jennifer Cooke...David Mendenhall & Tom Hallick...Jane Krakowski...Damion Scheller, Lisa Brown & Michael Tylo...Deborah Mullowney...Marj Dusay & Bill Beyers

Interview with John Callahan of General Hospital
3-pages, five candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Dame Judith Anderson of Santa Barbara
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Patty Lotz of Loving
2-pages, two candid photos

Rookies, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Grant Show...Leslie Stevens...Jane Cameron...Ted Demers

Style - The Best Of Everything
4-pages of candid color photos featuring
Jacklyn Zeman...Jerry Douglas, Brenda Dickson & Terry Lester...Linda Dano (two photos)...Lisa Peluso & Christian LeBlanc...Darnell Williams...Petronia Paley...Melody Thomas...Kin Shriner...Lee Lawson

Linda Dano's Basic Pearls - Be Yourself, Not Somebody Else
Full-Page Feature, multiple quotes on style, large candid inset photo

Phabulous Phoebe with Ruth Warrick of All My Children
Full-Page Interview about sex before marriage, candid inset photo

Jacklyn Zeman's Q's and A's
Full-Page Feature, fan letters answered by Zeman, candid inset photo

Mama Mia! with Michael Leon of Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Feature, recipe for linguine, candid inset photo

Interview with Todd Curtis of Capitol
3-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Moonlighters, individual articles with candid photos featuring
Michelle Shay...Anne-Marie Martin...Philece Sampler...Ernie Townsend

Interview with Monte Markham of Rituals
2-pages, two candid photos

The Premiere of Rituals
3-pages on the newest soap opera with candid photos featuring
Andrea Moar...Christine Jones...Tim Maier...Joann Phlug...Claire Yarlett...George Lazenby...Kin Shriner & Philece Sampler...Gina Gallego...Sharon Farrell

New York, New York!
5-pages of candid color photos in the streets of New York City, featuring
Patty Lotz, Ted Demers, Janice Lynde & Perry Stephens (2 group shots together)...Jane Cameron & Ted Demers...Carmen Thomas (3 photos)...Michael Conforti (near full-page photo)...Jane Krakowski...Patty Lotz (six photos)

The 1984 Daytime Emmy Awards After Party
3-pages of candid photos, most in color, featuring
Erika Slezak...Slezak & Larry Bryggman...Judi Evans & Louise Shaffer...Evans & David Forsyth...Evans & Tina Sloan...Susan Lucci...Judi Evans & Vincent Irizarry...Joel Crothers...Marcy Walker...Perry Stephens & Lauren-Marie Taylor...Terry Lester...Ruth Warrick...Loanne Bishop...Greg Beecroft...Ann Flood...Christine Ebersole...Larry Bryggman and fans

Interview with Lisa Trusel of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Lane Davies of Santa Barbara
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with former Another World star Kim Morgan Greene (ex-Nicole Love)
Full-Page Feature, candid inset photo

Interview with former Y&R star Cathy Carricaburu (ex-Nancy Becker)
Full-Page Feature, two candid photos

Interview with Michael Conforti of The Edge Of Night
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Tracey Bregman of The Young and The Restless
3-pages, three candid photos and a Cover Shot

Stargazer with Julie Parrish of Capitol
Full-Page Article on Julie with a candid photo, followed by a Full-Page Personality Profile
(think astrology) on ATWT star Christian LeBlanc (candid inset photo)

Divine Inspiration
3-page spread of color pics from a photo shoot inside a candy store, featuring
Jack Wagner, Kristian Alfonso, Christopher Templeton & Julie Ronnie
Full-Page Photo together plus eleven additional photos (everyone photographed multiple times)

Soap Opera People cordially invites you to say goodbye to Sharon Wyatt of General Hospital
2-pages of candid photos at her farewell party, some in color, featuring Wyatt and
Sam Behrens...Jack Wagner...Bob Hastings...Emily McLaughlin...David Lewis...Shelley Taylor Morgan...Eddie Ryder

Interview with Janice Lynde of One Life To Live
2-pages, two candid photos

Generation Gab - Roundtable Interview with General Hospital co-stars
David Lewis, Anna Lee & Emily McLaughlin
on the explosion of younger characters on soap operas, 3-pages, six candid photos

Interview with Donald May of As The World Turns
3-pages, four candid photos, including wife Carla Borelli and their family

Soap Opera People's Candid Camera Strikes Again
Full-Page Feature with two candid photos featuring real-life couple
Catherine Hickland & David Hasselhoff (is he in blackface?)

Interview with Thomas Ian Griffith of Another World
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Peter Reckell of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, five candid photos and a Cover Shot


Interview with John Callahan (Leo Russell on General Hospital) Interview with Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore on The Young & The Restless)

Mailing Label? - NO
100-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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