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Soap Opera Digest December 8, 1992
December 8, 1992

Cover Story: Days Of Our Lives
Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars Robert Kelker-Kelly & Crystal Chappell
Plus additional photos & The Cover Shot

Why Actors Really Left Their Roles
Multiple candid photos & Interviews with all, featuring
Peter Reckell...Celeste Holm...Parker Posey

Special Section: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em
Soaps' Notorious One-Night Stands
The Full-Page Treatment for all with articles & Large Candid Photos of

  • Melissa Hayden & Jeff Phillips
  • Kurt McKinney & Leslie Charleson
  • Tom Eplin & Anna Stuart
  • Marie Masters & Don Hastings
  • Robert Tyler & Jessica Collins

Interview with Alice Barrett of Another World
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with Lorenzo Caccialanza of Knots Landing
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

The Honeymooners
Candid Photos and Interviews with both on their real-life
honeymoons, featuring
Melina Kanakaredes and Scott Reeves & Melissa Reeves

News Section, articles & candid photos featuring
Gerald Hopkins...Kin Shriner & Lynn Herring...Michael Watson, Colleen Dion & Brent Jasmer...Tom Skerritt & Kathy Baker...Morgan Englund & Jocelyn Seagrave...Wortham Krimmer...David James Elliott...Cynthia Jordan...Robert S. Woods, Kelly Ripa & Tonja Walker...Michael E. Knight...Rick Hearst shirtless, and wife & son...Michael Swan & Tamara Tunie...Patrick Muldoon...Robert Fontaine & Paula Irvine...Maureen Garrett & Jerry ver Dorn...Chris Bruno...Margaret Klenck & Joseph Breen

Interview with John Callahan of All My Children
Full-Page Photo, head-to-toe shot, and additional photos

If you were to get married...or married again...would you have your
intended sign a prenuptial agreement? Candid Photos & replies of
Thom Christopher...Jeanne Cooper...Forry Smith...Carmen Duncan...Kirk Geiger...Darlene Conley...J. Cynthia Brooks...Ellen Dolan...Quinn Redeker...Monti Sharp

10 Things You'll Never See On A Soap
(nudity, homesexual kissing....times have certainly changed, huh?) Full-Page Photo of AMC star Susan Lucci

Why Everybody Loves Schae Harrison of B&B
Large Half-Page Candid Photo with co-stars
Kimberlin Brown & Darlene Conley
2-page article with remarks from her co-workers

Synopses Section, candid photos & remarks of
Matt Crane...Rex Smith & Mary Ellen Stuart...Hunter Tylo......Deidre Hall & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Anthony Geary & Emma Samms...Stacy Galina...Robert Tyler...Nancy Grahn & Gordon Thomson...Christian LeBlanc & Lauralee Bell

Primetime Update, candid photos & Interviews with all, featuring
Courtney Thorne-Smith...Harry O'Reilly...Shawn Thompson of The Heights

Interview with Peter Barton of The Young & The Restless
Large Half-Page Candid Photo and additional photos

Would You Marry A Soap Star?
Candid Photos and Interviews with all, featuring
Jess Walton & husband full-page photo...Julia Barr & husband...Michael Storm & wife

Interview with David Lewis of General Hospital
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Lights, Camera, Dissatisfaction
For many daytime stars, the silver screen is no match for the
challenge of the small screen
In-depth article, Interviews and Candid Photos featuring
Melody Thomas Scott...Michael Sabatino...Julia Barr...Eric Braeden

Behind The Scene: Julia For The Defense - Santa Barbara
3-page Article and 5 photos featuring co-stars
Sydney Penny, Nancy Grahn, Jack Wagner & Gordon Thomson

Last Licks with Days Of Our Lives cover stars
Robert Kelker-Kelly & Crystal Chappell
Full-Page Photo together, head-to-toe shot


Interview with Alice Barrett (Frankie Frame on Another World)

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