Daytime TV - December 1976
December 1976

The Latest News, articles and candid photos featuring
Kathy Glass & Jameson Parker...Rita McLaughlin & Paul Gleason...Karen Gorney & Nick Benedict...Julius LaRosa, Virginia Capers, Mary Stuart & Larry Haines...Jonathan Moore...Donald May...Ted Eccles & Sharon Lawrence...Kathy Breech & brother...Helen Wagner...Niles McMaster shirtless...Frances Heflin & husband & daughter...Paul Sparer...Johanna Leister

Ted Shackelford's Incredible Love Story
5-page interview; 6 large candid photos with wife Janis Leverenz

Daytime's Most Remarkable Super-Fan
Why Frances Nonemacher Works So Hard For Her Favorite Serial,
The Edge of Night
3-pages, large candid photos featuring
Ann Flood...John LaGioia...Tony Craig...Lois Kibbee...Forrest Compton

Interview with Helen Gallagher of Ryan's Hope
"I Don't Look To People To Fill My Needs"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Search For Tomorrow's Elegant 25th Anniversary
Article; 4-pages of large candid photos at the party, featuring
Larry Haines & Mary Stuart...Joel Higgins, Anne Wyndham, Michael Nouri & Maree Cheatham...Val Dufour...Mary Stuart alone...John Cunningham & wife...Dino Narizzano & wife...Morgan Fairchild & Cheatham...Drew Snyder & wife...Mary Stuart & son & daughter

Interview with Fran Myers of Guiding Light
"I Musn't Keep Saying - Isn't He The Cutest?"
Full-Page Photo with baby boy and additional photos

One Fan's Observation of Ruth & David's Reluctant Love Affair - AMC
Article; huge half-page candid photo of co-stars
Mary Fickett & Paul Gleason

Interview with Farley Granger of One Life To Live
"There Is No Such Thing As Living Happily Ever After"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Game Show Host Bobby Van Danced His Way To The Fun Factory
3-pages; large candid inset photo with actress Betty Thomas

Interview with Judith McConnell of As The World Turns
"I Thank God I Am Very Emotional"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Jed Allan Bowled Over Bill and Susan Hayes And His Other Friends
Article; 6 large candid photos featuring Allan and friends
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Interview with Jerry Lacy of Love Of Life
"Sex Symbols Turn Me Off"
4-pages; 3 large candid photos

Audrey Landers Makes Her Record Debut
Article; 2 large candid photos singing in recording studio

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Patricia Barry...Joan Van Ark & husband & daughter...Robert Clary & grandchildren...Donna Mills, Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Bennye Gattey...John Beradino & mother...Anthony Herrera...Jeanne Cooper...Gail Brown...Wesley Eure & Suzanne Rogers...Debralee Scott & John Savage...Bill Hayes...Marion Ross & son, Jim

Interview with Jonathan Hogan of The Doctors
"The Only Time He's Serious Is When He's Acting"
Near Full-Page Photo

Interview with Juanin Clay of The Edge Of Night
"Juliet Among The Penguins"
4-pages; 3 large candid photos


Interview with Farley Granger (Dr. Will Vernon on One Life To Live) Interview with Judith McConnell (Valerie Conway on As The World Turns)

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