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Afternoon TV December 1975
December 1975

Stars Of The Month: Lydia Bruce & James Pritchett of The Doctors
Article, plus a Full-Page Color Pinup together

Disaster Hits The Young and The Restless
3-pages with individual articles and candid photos featuring
Brenda Dickson's Whiplash...Jim Houghton's Motorcycle Accident...Jeanne Cooper - With Blood Rushing From Her Ears (not the photo, that's the title of the article)

Soap Bubbles, news and candid photos featuring
Susan Seaforth and foster sister, Kathleen...Carolee Campbell & Sally Gracie...Frances Heflin & Susan Lucci...Eileen Fulton and husband, Danny...Don Matheson & Denise Alexander (four photos)...Alice Hirson...Carl Low & Mary Stuart...Janice Lynde & William Gray Espy...Jean Arley, Sammy Davis Jr. & Jerry Lacy

The Don Stewart Marriage Mystery - Is He Or Isn't He?
7-pages, Interview, Full-Page Photo with his fan club co-president, Sue Steele
Plus a second Full-Page Photo with Guiding Light co-star Lynne Adams

Interview with James Pritchett of The Doctors
6-pages, Full-Page Photo with daughter, Laura, five additional photos
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Dennis Cooney of As The World Turns
6-pages, seven candid photos (two shirtless, one in a speedo)
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Michele Conaway of General Hospital
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

Interview with Another World child star Mike Hammett
6-pages, two Full-Page Photos plus four additional photos

Interview with Chris Hubbell of All My Children
5-pages, near Full-Page Photo with girlfriend, Moni, plus five additional photos

Interview with Michael Hawkins of Ryan's Hope
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo with wife, Mary Jo, plus a half-page shot with their kids

Interview with Gary Swanson of Somerset
5-pages, Full-Page Photo (shirtless in shorts) plus six additional photos (most shirtless)

Interview with Brooke Bundy of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages, 2 large half-page photos, one with her daughter, Tiffany

Val Dufour's Life Story (John Wyatt, Search For Tomorrow)
Fourteen pages, Full-Page Photo, nearly twenty additional photos from childhood-present
Plus The Cover Shot with co-star Ann Williams

Inside Rear Cover: Don Stewart of Guiding Light
Full-Page Color Pinup

Rear Cover: Beverly Penberthy of Another World
Full-Page Color Pinup


Interview with Brooke Bundy (Rebecca North on Days Of Our Lives) Gary Swanson (Greg Mercer on Somerset)

Mailing Label? - NO
Cover is becoming loose (but still intact!)
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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