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Daytime TV - December 1971
December 1971

Susan Brown Tells It Like It Is -
About Women's Lib, Explicit Sex On TV, Violence and Morality
4-pages written by Brown (Martha Ferguson on Bright Promise)
Large Candid Inset Photo

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Eileen Fulton...Don MacLaughlin & Margaret Hamilton...Carolee Campbell...Susan Brown, Gail Kobe, Mark Miller, John Considine, Regina Gleason, David Lewis, June Vincent & Pamela Murphy...Dinah Shore & John Rodby...Virginia Graham and husband, Harry...Judy Safran and mother...Michael Hawkins, Carmine Stipo & Greg Brown...Lori March...Edward Mallory...Hugh Downs & Mike Douglas

Interview with Donald May of The Edge Of Night
5-pages; Full-Page Photo, four more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Jack Stauffer of All My Children
5-pages; Full-Page Photo with wife, six more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Nina Hart of As The World Turns
4-pages; Full-Page Photo, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Steve Bolster of Another World
4-pages; near Full-Page Photo plus three photos of his children

Interview with Diane Ladd of Secret Storm
5-pages; near Full-Page Photo, four more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Where The Heart Is child star Mike Bersell
3-pages; Full-Page Photo, plus a Cover Shot

Where Are They Now? News and candid photos featuring
Kathryn Leigh Scott...Agnes Young...Lenka Peterson...Keith Charles

Interview with former Love Of Life star Ann Loring (ex-Tammy Forest Porter)
3-pages; large candid inset photo, plus photos of her two sons

Interview with Cathy Bacon of Love Of Life
4-pages; Full-Page Photo plus one shot with co-star Ray Wise

Fashionable Favorites
Talented...On The Go...and Smartly Clothed
4-pages of candid photos featuring
Dean Santoro...Alice Hirson...Eileen Fulton...Anthony George...Erik Howell...Stephen Burrows...Ellen Holly...Lynn Benish...Ron Tomme & Audrey Peters...Wynne Miller...Sally Stark...Rita McLaughlin...Liam Sulllivan...Andrea Marcovicci...Don Stewart...Pam Murphy...Don Hastings...Susan Flannery...Barbara Berjer...Susan Lucci...Diana Walker

Interview with Martin West of General Hospital
5-pages; four candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Fran Carlon of As The World Turns
4-pages; four candid photos, two more of her children, and a Cover Shot

Inteview with Jay Stewart of Let's Make A Deal
3-pages; near Full-Page Photo

Clip-Out Directory For General Hospital and Love Of Life
Complete, Current Data on Casts and Productions


Susan Brown Tells It Like It Is (Martha Ferguson on soap opera, Bright Promise) Interview with Martin West (General Hospital)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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    Last Modified:  07/31/2021
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