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Soap Opera's Greatest Stories November 1980
November 1980

One Life To Live
Only Karen and Mario knew the awful truth; that Jenny's baby had died after birth, and she was now raising Katrina's as her own...4-page article; multiple photos featuring
Brynn Thayer...Judith Light...Nancy Snyder...Steve Fletcher..Mary Gordon Murray...Tony George...Robin Strasser...Gerald Anthony...Sally Gracie...Michael Storm

The Young & The Restless
Behind Lance's back, Vanessa plotted the destruction of his marriage to Lori. She would try everything...including murder; 2-pages, candid photos featuring
John McCook & Jaime Lyn Bauer...K.T. Stevens...Tom Ligon

Days Of Our Lives
After the fire, Julie hid from Doug. "Don't pity me!" she begged - and forced him into another woman's arms; 2-pages, 4 photos featuring
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Brenda Benet...Suzanne Rogers

Guiding Light
As a painter, Ben saw beauty in the world. But he was blind to Eve's love...
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of co-stars
Janet Grey & Stephen Yates

General Hospital
The Seduction Of Laura - Desperately, Laura tried to resist Luke. Then the dam broke...
3-pages; multiple photos featuring co-stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Kin Shriner...Jacklyn Zeman...Jerry Ayres

All My Children
Cliff swept Nina off her feet, and out from her father's thumb. Still, her romance is in deep danger from Palmer's jealous love...
2-page article; multiple candid photos of co-stars
Taylor Miller, Peter Bergman and James Mitchell

Search For Tomorrow
The love of Travis and Liza was stronger than anything...even the gun of a terrorist; full-page article, 2 candid shots of co-stars
Rod Arrants & Sherry Mathis

Special Bonus Story: Nighttime's Favorite Soap Dallas
The Shooting Of JR Ewing.
4-page article; multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Larry Hagman...Linda Gray...Charlene Tilton...Patrick Duffy...Mary Crosby

The Edge Of Night
Marrying Dr. Cavanaugh seemed the perfect solution to Nicole's problems.
Or was it? Full-Page Article; 2 candid photos of co-stars
Joel Crothers & Jayne Bentzen

General Hospital
For so long, Rick and Monica denied their love. Now they were forced to deny their own child...4-pages; multiple photos of co-stars
Chris Robinson...Leslie Charleson...Stuart Damon...David Lewis...Anna Lee...John Beradino...Jane Elliot

A Ten-Gallon Salute To Daytime's New Cowboys & Cowgirls
3-page article; candid photos featuring
Josephine Nichols...Barbara Rucker...Carla Borelli...Philip Clark...Chandler Hill Harben...Bert Kramer...Shanna Reed...Beverlee McKinsey

Another World
Rachel knew something was terribly wrong between Mac and Janice.
Was his new wife trying to poison him? And, if so, was there still time to save him? 3-pages; multiple photos featuring
Victoria Wyndham...Douglass Watson...Christine Jones...William Gray Espy...Irene Dailey

One Life To Live
Pat greeted Maggie, her twin, with open arms, only to find herself stabbed in the back! 3-page article; multiple candid photos of
Jacqueline Courtney...Robin Strasser...Robert S. Woods...Clint Ritchie...Linda Dano

Ryan's Hope
When Delia made friends with a gorilla, she never realized he'd go ape over her! Full-Page Article; candid inset photo of Randall Edwards

As The World Turns
The "New, Improved" Joyce. She claims she's reformed.
But can she be trusted? 3-page article; multiple candid photos of
Barbara Rodell...James Douglas...Eileen Fulton...Doug Travis...Keith Charles...Kelly Wood

Search For Tomorrow
Sunny's Lost Weekend - Will Lee be able to forgive her?
Full-Page Article; candid photos of
Marcia McCabe & Doug Stevenson...Larry Haines & Mary Stuart

Days Of Our Lives
Her baby meant everything to Marlena. Now her whole world is shattered...
2-page article; multiple candid photos of
Deidre Hall...Jed Allan...Andrea Hall Lovell...Tracy Bregman

Guiding Light
Roger's Revenge - Who would be his next victim?
Mad with hatred, Roger tracked his enemies one by one.
4-pages; multiple candid photos featuring
Michael Zaslow...Maureen Garrett...Mart Hulswit...Maureen Mooney

The Doctors
Would Luke choose Missy's warmth and tenderness, or Vivica's cold cash?
Full-Page Article; candid photos of
Dorian Lopinto & Frank Telfer...Nancy Pinkerton

The Young & The Restless
Stranger In The Mirror - Jonas begins a desperate journey into the past to discover Pris' true identity...3-pages; multiple candid photos of
Victoria Mallory...John McCook...Roberta Leighton...Joe LaDue...Tom Hallick

The Edge Of Night
April's gift of 'prophecy' tormented her. And then came the worst vision of all...
"I Know My Husband Is Going To Die!"
2-page article; candid photos featuring
Terry Davis...Tony Craig...Forrest Compton...Ann Flood...Ann Williams

All My Children
Erica claimed she wanted children. Why then was she secretly taking birth control pills? 2-pages; multiple candid photos of
Susan Lucci...Richard Shoberg...Fran Heflin

Ryan's Hope
Playing the helpless female was a trick Kim learned from her mom.
Now she had Seneca hooked...
3-page article; multiple candid photos featuring
Louise Shaffer...Nancy Addison...Kelli Maroney...John Gabriel...Bernard Barrow...Helen Gallagher...Daniel Hugh Kelly...Joan Fontaine

The Doctors
Together, John vowed, they would fight to make Ashley well.
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of co-stars
Franc Luz & Valerie Mahaffey

Another World
Blaine holds court with criminals and gives her husband the royal brush-off
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of star Laura Malone

General Hospital
A Guilty Passion - Nobody condemned Ann and Jeff for being in love.
Except Joe Kelly...
3-page article; multiple candid photos featuring co-stars
Richard Dean Anderson...Susan O'Hanlon...Doug Sheehan...Mary O'Brien...Loanne Bishop...Philip Tanzini & Bradley Green

The Young & The Restless
Joy In The Morning.
Chris woke up to find her dream had finally come true.
She & Snapper were having a baby!
2-page article; large candid photos featuring co-stars
David Hasselhoff & Roberta Leighton

All My Children
If it's a sin to cheat, thought Devon, why does it feel so good?
2-page article; candid photos featuring
Tricia Pursley...Jack Magee...Alan Dysert

Ryan's Hope
Marrying Joe was the happiest moment in Siobhan's life.
Then she met her in-laws...
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of co-stars
Sarah Felder & Richard Muenz

The Edge Of Night
Fastest Woman In Town - Some men found her wild and wicked ways irresistible. But not her husband! Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo of co-stars Sharon Gabet & Joe Lambie


Guiding Light The Young & The Restless

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