Daytime TV - November 1980
November 1980

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Matthew Cowles and fans...Donna Cyrus & Randy Hamilton...Eileen Fulton...Ruth Warrick (half-page interview)...Nicholas Walker & Gracie Harrison...Lois Kibbee & Ted Knight...Bill Anderson, Mary Murray, Jeanne Pruett & Wayne Massey...Lisa Wilkinson and daughter, Amanda...Vasili Bogazianos...Beverlee McKinsey & Jim Poyner...Jim McDonnell & Gerald Anthony (shirtless)...Terry Davis...Tony Craig...Erika Slezak & Keith Charles...Michael Ingram & Marilyn Chris...Lisby Larson...Jacqueline Courtney...Deborah Hobart & Dan Siretta...Jerry Lanning & Shanna Reed...Sharon Gabet & Lee Godart...Lisa Marie, Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Dorian Lopinto & Frank Telfer...Robert S. Woods & Jacqueline Courtney (two photos together)...Julie Montgomery & Hunt Block...Mary Lynn Blanks

Interview with Doug Davidson of The Young and The Restless
3-pages, Large Candid Inset Photo with girlfriend, GH star Genie Francis
One additional photo and a Cover Shot

Interview with Kathleen Kellaigh of Guiding Light
3-pages, Large Candid Inset Photo

Chris Robinson's Spiritual Wedding To Girlfriend, Rhonda Plasterer
Article and 2-pages of candid color photos, including guests
Sarah Simmons...David Lewis...Todd Davis...Jacklyn Zeman & John Beradino
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Gloria Loring of Days Of Our LIves
3-pages, Large Candid Color Inset Photo with husband Alan Thicke and sons, plus two additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Richard Dean Anderson of General Hospital
3-pages, Large Candid Color Inset Photo with brother, Jim
Plus two additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Wayne Massey of One Life To Live
On his surprise birthday party for real-life girlfriend and co-star,
Andrea Evans, 3-pages, Full-Page Color Photo together, two more photos
Plus a Cover Shot

Interview with Lisa Loring of As The World Turns
3-pages, Large Candid Inset Photo plus four additional photos

Interview with Mary Murray of One Life To Live
2-pages, three candid photos

Look Who's In Love, real-life romance news and candid photos of
Stephen Yates & Donna Cyrus...Jim Poyner and wife, Patty...Franc Luz

NBC Press Party For The Launch of new soap opera, Texas
Article and candid party photos featuring
Ellen Maxted...Jerry Lanning & Carla Borelli...Randy Hamilton & Catherine Hickland...Phil Clark, Beverlee McKinsey, Chandler Harben, Carla Borelli, Paul Rauch & Josephine Nichols

Just Between Us...Does Your Mother-In-Law Hurt - Or Help Your Marriage?
Candid photos and replies of
Bill Hayes...Jerry Lanning...Richard Borg...Nancy Hauser w/ husband Wings Hauser...Richard Van Vleet

Interview with Candice Earley of All My Children
4-pages, Large Candid Inset Photo, head-to-toe shot
Plus five additional photos, including parents

Interview with Louise Shaffer of Ryan's Hope
3-pages, Large Candid Inset Photo with husband, Roger
Four additional photos and a Cover Shot

The Daytime World of Paul Denis, news and candid photos featuring
Nancy Snyder & Steve Fletcher...Lee Godart & Jayne Bentzen...Nancy Pinkerton...Deidre Hall

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Tom Ligon and wife, Katherine...Chris Pennock...Elvera Roussel & Richard Fischoff...Stephen Brooks...Anthony Geary...Suzanne Rogers, John Clarke & Bill Hayes...Richard Simmons...Susan O'Hanlon...Susan Brown and her fan club president, Lou Butare...Jed Allan and wife, Toby...Mark Hamill and wife, Marylou

Soap Opera Festival, news on assorted fan events with candid photos of
Michael Storm & Gerald Anthony...Tony Craig and mother


Interview with Doug Davidson (Paul on The Young and The Restless) Interview with Richard Dean Anderson (Jeff Webber on General Hospital)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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