Daylight TV November 1976
November 1976

The Latest From Hollywood, news and large candid photos featuring
Rosemary Forsyth the new Dr. Laura Horton on DAYS, near full-page photo...Bobby Van & Elain Joyce welcome their first child, near full-page photo...Lynn Loring...Tony Randall (near full-page photo)...Susan Blanchard...Deidre Hall cast as Dr. Marlena Evans on DAYS, large candid inset photo

Half-Page Articles with candid photos featuring

Toni Bua & Gene Bua: Loving...And Singing Together
Broadway Critics Hail Dixie Carter

Trish, Barry & Dinah: Is This Any Way To Run An Airline?
Trish Stewart, Barry Newman & Dinah Shore
Ann Williams Teaches Amy Arutt A Little Horse Sense

Paul Carr: After 7 Years, Back In Daytime
Nancy Barrett Brings New Faith To Ryan's Hope

John Danelle & Lisa Wilkinson: Not Ready To Be Parents
Bill & Susan: Helping A Good Cause
Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Dorothy Green & Robert Colbert: 'Well, It Was A Good Show Today'
Robby Benson & Glynnis O'Connor - Together Again

Interview with Toni Kalem of Another World
5-pages, Full-Page Photo, three additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with John Lupton of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages, large half-page photo with wife, Diana, plus one additional photo

Interview with John Beradino of General Hospital
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo with wife, Marjorie, two more photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Jeff Pomerantz of One Life To Live
6-pages, Full-Page Photo, one additional photo, two examples of his artwork
Plus a Cover Shot

Up To Date In New York, news and large candid photos featuring
Betty Furness & Paul Denis...James Pritchett...LIz Kemp & Allan Coates...Jan Miner...Robin Strasser...Ruth Warrick & Jarvis Cushing...Ted Danson...Dolph Sweet & Kenneth McMillan...Jennifer Reilly...Larry Haines & Billie Lou Watt

Guiding Light Heading For 25th Anniversary
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Theo Getz, Charita Bauer, Irna Phillips, Robert Sodenberg and wife...Lyle Sudrow, Lynne Rogers, Jane Ward, James Lipton, Glen Walken, Theo Goetz, Herb Nelson, Ellen Demming, Charita Bauer & Ethel Remey

Interview with Margaret Mason of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages, Full-Page Photo with husband, Nick, three additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with The Price Is Right game show host, Bob Barker
3-pages, two candid photos

What famous person would you like to meet? Candid photos and replies of
John Driver...Robin Mattson...Forrest Compton...Susan Seaforth Hayes...Helen Gallagher...Dorothy Stinnette...Larry Keith...Nancy Addison...Erika Slezak...Jordan Charney...Kathy Glass

Daytimers On The Soapbox
Jerry Lewis' Muscular Dystrophy Telethon, Nine Stars Make A Plea
Article and candid photos of those participating at the event, featuring
David Ackroyd, Beverly Penberthy, Mary Stuart, Nat Polen, Marie Masters, Doris Belack & John Reilly...Juanin Clay & Tony Craig


Interview with Toni Kalem of Another World Interview with Jeff Pomerantz of One Life To Live

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Regrettably, the previous owner removed a few pages from this issue.
And the UPC code has been cut out from the bottom left corner of the cover.
All described above is complete and in VERY GOOD condition with no rips or creases.

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