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Screen And TV Album Nov. 1974
November 1974

Marriages - news and candid photos featuring
Demond Wilson & Cicely Johnston...Richard Harris & Ann Turkel...Sly of The Family Stone & Kathy Silva...David Hartman & Maureen Downey

Births - news and candid photos featuring
Peggy Lipton...Peggy Lennon Cathcart...Nancy Sinatra & Hugh Lambert...Tony Bennett & Sandy Bennett

Splits - news and candid photos featuring
Redd Foxx...Gary Lockwood & Stephanie Powers...Dick Martin & Dolly Martin...Elliot Gould

Deaths - news and candid photos featuring
Donald Crisp...Katharine Cornell...Agnes Moorehead...Pamela Britton...Duke Ellington

Liz Taylor Admits All About Her New Man
3-pages; Full-Page Photo, one more with daughter and boyfriend, Henry
Plus a Cover Shot

Cher Reveals The Real Reason She Left Sonny
3-pages; near Full-Page Photo, two more photos, including Sonny Bono
Plus a Cover Shot

Doctors Forced To Operate On Tanya's Babies
Lawrence Welk Heartbroken
3-pages; three candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Robert Wagner & Natalie Wood Break Up Their Home Again!
5-pages; Full-Page Photo together, five more photos and a Cover Shot

Early Elvis Presley Action Pinups
2 Full-Page Photos

Hooray For Hollywood: Elliott Gould + Jennifer O'Neill
2 Divorces = 1 Wedding
Article, Full-Page Photo together

Daytime TV's Top Bachelors - Here's What Turns Them On!
Individual articles and large candid photos featuring

  • David O'Brien
  • Ron Tomme
  • Anthony George
  • Tom Hallick
  • Charles Frank

  • George Reinholt
  • Don Stewart
  • Bill Hayes
  • Ron Martin
  • Dick Shoberg

Merle Haggard Collapses! Doctors Order Him To Hospital
2-pages; Article, Full-Page Photo and one additional photo

Tom T. Hall Resigns From Opry!
2-pages; Full-Page Photo accompanied by an article

Screen & TV Album Proudly Presents - Son Of Dracula
2-page spread of candid photos featuring
Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr

Superstars Of Song
Individual articles and Full-Page Photos for all, featuring

  • Gladys Knight and The Pips
  • Grand Funk Railroad
  • Frank Sinatra

  • Andy Williams
  • Liza Minnelli
  • Ike Turner & Tina Turner

Deadline Headline: Marlon Brando's Fishy Story
Article, Full-Page Photo

Gallery Of Silent Screen Greats
Full-Page Articles AND Full-Page Photos for all, featuring
Clara Bow and Rudolph Valentino

TV Stars Starting Their Second Time Around
Articles and then-and-now photos featuring
James Garner...Clint Walker...Michael Landon...David Janssen...David Hartman...Chris Connelly

Romantic Stars Who Thrilled You In The '30s!
Individual articles, Full-Page Photos and five additional photos for each, featuring

  • Claudette Colbert
  • Robert Young
  • Marlene Dietrich
  • Robert Montgomery

Scene Stills From The Greatest Films Of All Time - The Sound Of Music
Two Full-Page Photos featuring co-stars
Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer

Star Pinups: Full-Page Photos featuring TV stars
Henry Winkler and Lee Majors


Daytime Bachelors featuring George Reinholt (Steven Frame on Another World) Daytime Bachelors featuring Don Stewart (Michael Bauer on The Guiding Light)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 11-74 Screen and TV Album GEORGE REINHOLT-DON STEWART
    Product Introduced:  12/20/2014
    Last Modified:  08/17/2019
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