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November 27, 1979 issue of Soap Opera Digest
November 27, 1979

Phoebe Tyler Tells All
10-pages written by All My Children star Ruth Warrick
Large Candid Photos of Warrick and
Gywn Gilliss...Peter White...Matthew Cowles 2 photos

People On The Cover: Soapy Winners
Judith Light & Gerald Anthony
3 Large Candid Photos, Interviews with both, & The Cover Shot

The Diary of Ann Flood of Edge of Night
6-pages, Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Mary Stuart: Growing More Beautiful Every Year
15 Large Candid Photos

Interview At Home with Al Freeman Jr. of One Life To Live
5-pages; 6 large candid photos

Good Nutrition Recipes with Brenda Dickson of Y&R
Full-Page Photo plus two pages of recipes

New Faces on Days Of Our Lives - Articles and large candid photos featuring
Cindy Daly and Quinn Redeker

Synposes Section, multiple pages for each show with candid photos of
Richard Shoberg...Taylor Miller...Vicky Dawson & Irene Dailey...Stephen Joyce...Eileen Fulton...Conrad Fowkes...Barbara Stanger...Eileen Barnett...Suzanne Rogers...Robin Holtzman...Tony Craig & Terry Davis...Ann Williams...Asher Brauner...Bianca Furguson & Todd Davis...Elvera Roussel...Lenore Kasdorf...Irene Yah Ling Sun...Dana Delaney...Robin Strasser & Margaret Klenck...Ellen Holly...Louise Schaffer & Nancy Addison..Richard Muenz...Maree Cheatham...Tucker Smallwood...Wings Hauser...Jeanne Cooper & Joe LaDue

Star Desk
Letters from fans addressed to and answered by specific stars
Candid Photos and replies of
Kathleen Noone and Tricia Pursley

Your Favorite Soap Remembered: Peggy Brooks - The Innocent & The Professor
4-page article featuring large candid photos of Y&R co-stars
Pamela Solow & Anthony Herrera

Your Favorite Soap Remembered: Elizabeth Foster - Her Man Bill
4-page article featuring large candid photos of co-stars
Julianna McCarthy & William Foster Sr.

Stars Reveal The Moment They Realized They Were On The Verge
of Making It - 3-pages of candid photos and remarks of
Robert Lipton...Veleka Gray...Jed Allan...Susan Seaforth Hayes...Tony Craig...David Hasselhoff

Remember Them? Large Candid Photos and updates featuring
Brian Kerwin and Roy Thinnes

Bonus Pinup: Full-Page Photo of Guiding Light star Curt Dawson


Ann Flood of Edge of Night

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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