October 1990

Flashback! A Nostalgic Look At Some Of Your Favorites
Candid color photos featuring
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms...Sherilyn Wolter & Brian Patrick Clarke...Kin Shriner & Genie Francis...Finola Hughes & Ian Buchanan

Interview with Scott Thompson Baker (Colton)
3-pages; 4 candid photos

Interview with Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie)
2-pages; 4 candid photos

Interview with David Wallace (Tom)
2-pages; 6 candid photos

Time Out! See how top GH stars spend their free time at parties, functions, etc.
Candid photos featuring
Jack Wagner...Kin Shriner, Finola Hughes & Melissa Hayden...Tristan Rogers...Kimberly McCullough & Justin Gocke...Scott Thompson Baker, John Reilly & Bert Convy...Stuart Damon, Judith Chapman, Lynn Herring, Leslie Charleson, Brian Beck, Jane Elliot & Edie Lehmann

Interview with Kurt McKinney (Ned)
Full-Page Feature; large candid inset photo

Interview with Brad Maule (Tony)
2-pages; 5 candid photos

Interview with Edie Lehmann (Katherine)
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Frisco and Felicia: Their Love Story From The Beginning
Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars
Jack Wagner & Kristina Malandro
Plus additional photos

Top Couples - Past and Present, candid photos featuring
Genie Francis & Anthony Geary...Kin Shriner & Lynn Herring...Jack Wagner & Kristina Malandro...Danielle von Zerneck & John Stamos...Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms...Finola Hughes & Ian Buchanan

Interview with Bradley Lockerman (Casey)
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Just The Facts, Maam, full-page of interesting tidbits, trivia on
Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) - 2 candid photos

If you could keep only three of your possessions, what would they be?
Candid photos and replies of
Jacklyn Zeman...John Reilly...Kurt McKinney...David Wallace

Home Sweet Home, candid photos at their real-life homes featuring
Tristan Rogers...Stuart Damon...John Reilly...Brad Maule...Kin Shriner & Robin Mattson...Lynn Herring...Finola Hughes...David Wallace & Lisa Trusel...Jack Wagner...Shell Kepler

Interview with John Reilly (Sean)
2-pages; 3 candid photos

Money, Murder and Mischief
Scotty, Lucy and Alan's Three-Sided Love Affair
2-page article; large candid photos featuring co-stars
Kin Shriner, Lynn Herring and Stuart Damon

About Face! Take a look at how some of your favorite General Hospital stars have changed over the years, large candid then & now photos featuring
John Beradino...Emily McLaughlin...Kin Shriner...John Reilly...Rachel Ames...Jacklyn Zeman...Kristina Malandro...Stuart Damon

Stars in Full-Page Color Pinups include

  • Kin Shriner & Lynn Herring
  • Jack Wagner & Kristina Malandro
  • David Wallace & Stephanie Williams
  • Lynn Herring & Stuart Damon
  • Kurt McKinney

Birthdays & Star Signs, GH Exam, Test Your Trivia, Complete Character Guide


Interview with Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie on General Hospital) Interview with John Reilly (Sean on General Hospital)

VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.