October 1985

Dear Daytimers, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Tracey Bregman, Michael Damian & Beth Maitland...Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers...Anthony Geary

From Our Ears, news and candid photos featuring
Mary Stuart...Colleen Zenk & Mark Pinter...Ruth Warrick...Don Diamont...Arleen Sorkin...Steve Bond (muscle t-shirt & shorts)...Brian Bloom...Michael Damian & Nicolette Larson...Susan Lucci, Vincent Irizarry, Terry Lester, Gregg Marx, Sherilyn Wolter & Steve Bond...Irizarry & Lester...Lucci and fan...Deidre Hall, Peter Reckell, Diahann Carroll, Bob Hope, Joan Van Ark & Morgan Brittany

Soap Dishes with Gregg Marx of As The World Turns
Full-Page with two recipes followed by a Full-Page Photo

Interview with Peter Haskell of Rituals
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

Cover Story: Days Of Our Lives - Will Bo & Hope's Wedding Divorce Them From Their Fans?
3-pages, Full-Page Photo (in wedding attire) featuring co-stars
Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso
Plus two additional photos and The Cover Shot

The Tarot Tells All with Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
A leading tarot reader does readings for both
4-page article, two candid photos together, plus a Cover Shot

How Realistic Are The Soaps? Part II - The Legal Stories
3-page article with candid photos featuring
Vincent Irizarry...Mary Kay Adams...Judi Evans...Robert LuPone...Gillian Spencer

Interview with Brad Maule of General Hospital
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus four additional photos

Special Section: Bring 'Em Back Alive
Which Of These Villains Would You Like To See Alive and Mean Again?
Individual articles, Full-Page Photos and additional photos for all, featuring

  • Robert LuPone (Zach Grayson, All My Children)
  • David Groh (D.L. Brock, General Hospital)
  • Greg Mullavey (Eddie Gallagher, Rituals)
  • Michael Corbett (Warren Carter, Search For Tomorrow)

Eleven pages total, including the voting ballot

Daytimers' readers poll results for 1985's Villian and Vixen Of The Year
Thaao Penghlis (Tony DiMera, DAYS) and Kim Ulrich (Diana McColl, ATWT)
Full-Page Interviews with each, large candid inset photos

Mash Notes - Love Letters To The Stars Written By Their Fans
Featuring Hugo Napier and Terry Lester
Candid photos of each

Bureaucratic Soaps, 4-page article with candid photos featuring
Robin Strasser...Gregg Marx...Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers...Kristian Alfonso...Peter Reckell


Interview with Brad Maule (Tony Jones on General Hospital) Robert LuPone (ex-Zach Grayson on All My Children)

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VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.