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Daytime TV - October 1981
October 1981

The Latest News, gossip and candid photos featuring
Tony George, Gerald Anthony & Brynn Thayer...Terry Davis & Jay Hammer...John Gabriel & Ruth Warrick...Patsy Pease & Timothy Patrick Murphy...Richard Bekins & Kin Shriner...Robert S. Woods...Barbara Rucker and husband, Steve...Denny Albee & Vasili Bogazianos...Lori Loughlin...Roberta Alda...Marcia McCabe & Doug Stevenson...Wayne Massey...Colleen Zenk...Doug Davidson and sisters, Dianne & Donna...Louise Shaffer and husband, Roger...Kathleen Cullen...Chris Robinson and wife, Rhonda...Susan Pratt and boyfriend, Eric...Judith Light & Anthony Geary...David Hasselhoff...Lisa Peluso & Timothy Patrick Murphy

Erika Slezak Puts Her Soap Contract On Hold - Will She Come Back?
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo with husband and baby

Interview with diet and exercise guru Richard Simmons
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Full-Page Advertisement for the new album by OLTL's Wayne Massey
Order form; large candid inset photo, head-to-toe shot

Warning: Filming After Dark Can Be Hazardous To Your Health!
Emmy Winner Judith Light Faces Real-Life Danger
Full-Page Article; large candid inset photo

Texas Stars Caryn Richman & Kin Shriner Stay Cool In Their Blue Denims, While Their Love Story Warms Up For Those Hot August Days
2-page article; near Full-Page Color Pinup together

Interview with Lynne Topping of The Young & The Restless
Near Full-Page Color Photo with baby daughters, plus two addtional photos

Look Who's In Love, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
David Hasselhoff & Catherine Hickland...Terry Davis and husband, Andy

Interview with Julie Ridley of As The World Turns
3-pages; large candid color inset photo

Interview with Rick Springfield of General Hospital
3-pages; Full-Page Color Pinup plus an additional large candid photo
with co-star Jacklyn Zeman

After Running On A Treadmill In New York, Mary Murray Can't Wait To Escape To...Her Island In The Sun, full-page feature, large candid color inset photo, head-to-toe shot

Interview with Wings Hauser of The Young & The Restless
2-pages; 2 candid photos, including his young daughter

Interview At Home with Melinda Fee of Days Of Our Lives
3-pages; 5 candid photos (most in color)

Interview with Tristan Rogers of General Hospital
3-pages; large candid color inset photo with wife, Barbara
Plus 4 additional photos

Interview with Lanna Saunders of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Young Stars Remember: My First Kiss...My First Heartbreak
Candid photos and remarks featuring
Denise Alexander...Genie Francis...Nicollette Goulet...Susan Pratt...Ted Leplat...Candice Earley...Tristan Rogers...Chris Rich...Jacklyn Zeman

The Daytime World, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Lisa Peluso & Timothy Patrick Murphy...Peter Hansen

Interview with Geraldine Court of Guiding Light
2-pages; 2 candid photos

Part 2 In A Special Series on Tony Geary's Famous Fans...
"Luke Is My Idol!"
2-page article with candid photos including Geary and
Sammy Davis Jr...Liza Minnelli...Rick Cerone...Barbara Mandrell...Richard Dean Anderson & Amos Otis

Was Tony Robbed? Our Readers Rage Over This Year's Emmys!
Full-Page of Fan letters, candid inset photo of GH star
Anthony Geary surrounded by fans, signing autographs

In a special survey conducted for Daytime TV, teenage viewers tell us how love in the afternoon brightens their lives; 4-page article with candid photos featuring
Marcia McCabe & Gerald Anthony...Michael Minor & Susan Lucci...Kristen Vigard & John Wesley Shipp...Richard Dean Anderson & Genie Francis...Peter Bergman & Taylor Miller

Soap Opera Festival
3-pages of news on different fan events with candid photos featuring
Kin Shriner & John McCafferty...Michael Minor...Jerry Lanning & Sherry Mathis

Role Call - Complete cast lists for all soaps on the air

Inside Hollywood, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Barbara Rucker & David Hasselhoff...Andre Landzaat...Jacklyn Zeman, Norma Connolly & Anthony Geary...Philece Sampler..Dennis Cole and son, Joe...Chris Robinson...Doug Davidson and father...Victoria Mallory...Wings Hauser

Solid Gold Gossip, news and candid photos featuring
Lori Loughlin...Nikki Goulet...Ted Leplat...Caryn Richman & Kin Shriner...Louise Shaffer


Interview with Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital) Interview with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio on General Hospital)

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