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Rona Barrett's Daytimers October 1980
October 1980

Rona's and candid photos featuring
Richard Guthrie...Josh Taylor...Indus Arthur...Dawn Jeffory...Dee Ann Sexton...Michael Gregory & Lee Warrick...Robert Mandan...Gil Gerard & John Davidson...Dennis Patrick & Terry Crawford...Richard Dean Anderson & Doug Sheehan...Susan Brown...Susan O'Hanlon & ex-husband...Dennis Parker...Doug Davidson & David Winn...Genie Francis, Denise Alexander & Shell Kepler...Tracey E. Bregman, Dawn Jeffory & Trish Stewart...Millette Alexander & Curt Dawson...Jim McDonnell & Gerald Anthony...Doug Stevenson

Daytime Cowboys and Their Women
In-depth article with candid photos featuring
Kin Shriner...Carla Borelli...Jacqueline Courtney...Phil Carey...Doug Stevenson...Nancy Addison...Jim Poyner...Beau Kayzer...Rod Arrants & Sherry Mathis...Stephen Brooks & Dianne Harper

Interview with Kin Shriner of Texas
"Kin Leaves General Hospital To Join Texas Roundup!"
Full-Page Photo, 5 additional large candid photos & A Cover Shot

Comings & Goings, news and candid photos featuring
Donna Cyruss...Kin Shriner...Bond Gideon

Western Wear For City Fold
11 (eleven) large candid photos modeling Western wear featuring stars
Jean Bruce Scott, Brett Williams, Steven Brooks, Diane Harper
and Dawn Jeffory
Everyone photographed multiple times

Interview with Phil Carey of One Life To Live
"Sexy Without Even Trying"
3-pages; 3 large candid photos

Interview with Beverlee McKinsey of Texas
"I'm Just A Country Girl At Heart!"
Near Full-Page Photo, 4 additional large candid photos & A Cover Shot

Collectors' Corner, ads from fans and candid photos featuring
Doug Sheehan...Patsy Pease...Ray Liotta...Roberta Leighton...Kathryn Leigh Scott

Interview with Elvera Roussel of Guiding Light
"I Don't Have To Take My Clothes Off To Show Love!"
3-pages; 4 large candid photos

The New from the East Coast and candid photos of
Laura Malone & Terry Keane...Nancy Pinkerton...Phil Carey...Conrad Fowkes & Barbara Rodell...Rick Porter...Eileen Fulton...Sharon Gabet & Lee Godart...Deborah Hobart...Kevin Bacon...Candice Earley...Robert S. Woods & Jacqueline Courtney...Mike Stone

Interview with Kelli Maroney of Ryan's Hope
"Playing A Soap Opera Lolita Has Changed Kelli's Life"
2-page; 2 large candid photos

Interview with Brett Williams of Days Of Our Lives
"Brett's A Real-Life Urban Cowboy!"
5 large candid photos

Interview with Doug Stevenson of Search For Tomorrow
"Who Can Corral Him Now?"
3-pages; 4 large candid photos

Birthdays, candid photos featuring
David Bailey...Carla Borelli...William Joyce...Shell Kepler...Earl Hindman...Mark LaMura...James Pritchett

Interview with Lisa Loring of As The World Turns
"Everything In Life Has Its Purpose"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Bonus Pinup: The Doctors Luke and Missy Dancy, Full-Page Photo of
Frank Telfer & Dorian LoPinto

Interview with Vasili Bogazianos of All My Children
"I Learned Things The Hard Way"
Full-Page Photo and additional photos

Interview with Wayne Massey of One Life To Live
"Everything Is Competition!"
3-pages; 3 large candid photos

Astrologically Speaking, forecasts for the stars, with candid photos featuring
Denise Alexander...David Winn...Ellen Holly...Denise Pence...John Clarke...Randall Edwards...Chris Bernau...Terry Davis...Nick Benedict...Frances Fisher

Station Break: What Daytimers Do "In Between" The Soaps
News and candid photos featuring
Catherine Hicks...Joel Higgins...Karin Wolfe

Interview with Larry Hagman of Dallas
"My Show Is A Nighttime Soap Opera!"
2-pages; 3 large candid photos


VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

  • 10-80 Rona Barrett's Daytimers KIN SHRINER-BEVERLEE MCKINSEY
    Product Introduced:  03/20/2007
    Last Modified:  07/31/2021
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