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Soap Opera's Greatest Stories & Stars January 1983
Soap Opera's Greatest
January 1983

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The Guiding Light - TV's Longest Running Soap Celebrates 45th Broadcast Year - Article and candid photos featuring
Elvera Roussel & Hugo Napier...Kathleen Cullen & Kathleen Kellaigh...Don Stewart, Lisa Brown & Charita Bauer...Kathleen Cullen, Carolyn Ann Clarke, Marsha Clark & Jennifer Cooke

Who's News, gossip and candid photos at assorted events, featuring
Lori Loughlin, Chris Atkins, Cindy Gibb & Tanya Tucker...Larkin Malloy & Sharon Gabet...Ruth Warrick, Warren Burton & Colleen Zenk...Sharon Gabet & Robert S. Woods...Mary Page Keller, Louise Shaffer, Peter Haskell & Kelli Maroney...Macdonald Carey, Philece Sampler, Suzanne Rogers & Jean Bruce Scott...Chuck Wagner, Anna Lee & David Lewis...Doug Sheehan...Lynn Herring & Wayne Northrop...Lynn Topping...Emily McLaughlin...Robin Mattson and husband, Ray...Jane Daly & Duncan Gamble...Charles Frank...Genie Francis & Morgan Stevens

Interview with Marcy Walker of All My Children
2-pages; four candid photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Kim Delaney of All My Children
3-pages; six candid photos and a Cover Shot

Another World - Love Among The Ruins
Trapped in the rubble of a collapsed building, Rachel and Steven recalled the love they once shared; 2-page article with candid photos featuring co-stars Victoria Wyndham & David Canary

As The World Turns - Til Death Do Us Part
In the face of impending death, Tom and Margo became man and wife; 2-page article with candid photos featuring co-stars
Justin Deas & Margaret Colin

Interview with Brian-Robert Taylor of Capitol
2-pages; three candid photos

Days Of Our Lives - Lady From The Sea
Roman and Marlena's love was strong - but was it strong enough to withstand the return of Roman's wife? Full-Page Article, inset photo featuring co-stars Wayne Northrop & Deidre Hall

Days Of Our Lives Celebrates Its Sweet Sixteenth!
Article and 2-pages of candid photos at the party, featuring
Deidre Hall & Wayne Northrop...Gloria Loring & Gregg Marx...Josh Taylor...Dick Billingsley, Lane Caudell & Debbie Lytton...Joseph Mascolo, Wayne Northrop, Deidre Hall, Josh Taylor, Thaao Penghlis & Suzanne Rogers

Doctor By Day - Diamonds By Night!
Elizabeth Hubbard of The Doctors
Full-Page Article; three candid photos

Interview with Chris Jarrett of The Edge of Night
2-pages; three candid photos

Soap Opera Forum, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Margaret Colin & Justin Deas...Philece Sampler...Tristan Rogers...Stephen Parr...Rick Springfield...Victoria Wyndham...Forrest Compton & Ann Flood

Do Blondes Have More Fun?
Interview with Janine Turner on dying her hair for General Hospital
Full-Page Feature; three candid photos

Interview with John Stamos of General Hospital
3-pages; three candid photos and a Cover Shot

General Hospital - Luke Loves Holly
It seemed as though Luke would mourn Laura's loss forever - until he met the beautiful and mysterious Holly Sutton in the woods! 2-page article, large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
Anthony Geary & Emma Samms
Plus Cover Shots

Interview with Michael Tylo of Guiding Light
2-pages; three candid photos and a Cover Shot

Guiding Light - Island Of Fear
After all her fantasies of exciting adventures with Quint McCord, Nola was involved in a real-life adventure with him, filled with romance, intrigue - and grave danger! 3-page article; three candid photos featuring co-stars
Lisa Brown & Michael Tylo

Interview with Kristen Meadows of One Life To Live
2-pages; four candid photos

Ryan's Hope - A Race For Life
Roger Coleridge was out for Ox Knowle's blood - and it looked like he'd found a way to get it! 2-page article; large candid inset photo featuring co-stars Maureen Garrett & Will Patton

The Soap Wars - General Hospital vs. Guiding Light
5-page article followed by a voting ballot, candid photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Jerry ver Dorn...Doug Sheehan...Lisa Brown...Tristan Rogers...Mark Pinter & Kathleen Cullen...Emma Samms...Rick Springfield...Robin Mattson & Kin Shriner...Greg Beecroft & Maeve Kinkead...Chris Bernau & Elvera Roussel...Chris Robinson & Denise Alexander...John Wesley Shipp & Jennifer Cooke

Search For Tomorrow - The Couple-Go-Round
Full-Page Article; candid inset photos featuring co-stars
Cindy Gibb & Michael Corbett and Lisa Peluso & Craig Augustine

Interview with Craig Augustine of Search For Tomorrow
Full-Page Feature; large candid inset photo

Interview with Michael Corbett of Search For Tomorrow
Full-Page Feature; large candid inset photo (shirtless)

Texas - Heartbreak In Houston
The game of "mixed doubles" that was rampant in Houston would ultimately cause heartbreak for all concerned, including an innocent little boy
2-page article with candid photos featuring
Lisby Larson & David Forsyth and Carla Borelli & Jerry Lanning

The Young & The Restless - "I Need More Than Love!"
2-page article; large candid inset photo featuring co-stars
Steven Ford & Deborah Adair

Photo Finish - Allen Fawcett (Kelly McGrath on The Edge of Night)
August 1980 - July 1982; Full-Page Feature, four candid photos


Interview with John Stamos (Blackie on General Hospital) Interview with Michael Tylo (Quint on Guiding Light)

Mailing Label? - NO
Several cutouts, all affected items are crossed out above, otherwise...
FAIR condition with no creases.

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