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Soap Opera's Greatest Stories January 1982
January 1982

All My Children - The Happy Homewrecker

Erica finally won her battle for Brandon, but is he the man she really wants?
3-page article, multiple photos featuring co-stars
Susan Lucci & Michael Minor

Another World - A Legacy Of Love
Can Alice and Rachel ever forget Steve Frame?
4-page article, multiple photos featuring
Victoria Wyndham, Jacqueline Courtney and George Reinholt

Sail Away...Another World Stars Escape To Paradise
Article and 2-pages of candid photos boating, all in swim attire, featuring
Jennifer Runyon...Paul Tinder...James Horan...Vana Tribbey

As The World Turns - Three's A Crowd
Will the three women in James Stenbeck's life cause his downfall?
2-page article with photos featuring
Anthony Herrera, Margaret Colin and Larry Bryggman

Soap Opera Forum, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Tom Wiggin...Ruth Warrick...Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Laura Malone...John Wesley Shipp & Kristen Vigard...Larkin Malloy...Phil Carey...Arthur Roberts

Days Of Our Lives - Saint or Sinner?
Jessica is the kind of girl you pray with...Angel is the kind of girl you pray for...which one is the real woman? 2-page article with multiple photos featuring
Jean Bruce Scott, Quinn Redeker and Jack Coleman

CBS Old Faithful
CBS boasts the longest running soap operas - are they beginning to show their age? 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Eileen Fulton, Don MacLaughlin, Helen Wagner, Don Hastings & Kathryn Hays...Jane Elliot...Douglas Marland...Chris Bernau

Dressing Room Drama
Not all soap action takes place on stage - wardrobe wizards play a major role in creating your favorite characters; 4-page article with candid photos featuring
Stuart Damon...Kin Shriner...Carla Borelli...Anthony Herrera...Sherry Mathis

There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made
NBC soaps have been struggling to survive...2-page article with candid photos of Josephine Nichols, Phil Clark, Carla Borelli & Barbara Rucker...Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth Hayes...Victoria Wyndham & Douglass Watson...Elizabeth Hubbard, David O'Brien, Jim Pritchett, Lydia Bruce & Jada Rowland

NBC's Top Stars Deserting A Sinking Ship? Article and candid photos of
Kin Shriner and Beverlee McKinsey

The Doctors - A Change Of Life
Maggie finds it's never too late to become a mother...but is it too late to save her marriage? 2-page article with multiple photos featuring
Lydia Bruce and Jim Pritchett

Interview with Alec Baldwin of The Doctors
2-pages; three candid photos

Edge Of Night - What's A Little Lie Between Lovers?
Raven & Schuyler share a terrible secret...but will they kill to keep it?
4-page article with multiple photos featuring
Sharon Gabet...Larkin Malloy...Allen Fawcett...Mark Arnold & Lori Loughlin

Interview with Larkin Malloy of Edge of Night
Full-Page Photo plus one additional photo

General Hospital - Mission: Impossible
Luke, Laura and Scorpio - they're out to save the world or die trying
4-page article with multiple photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Genie Francis...Tristan Rogers...Thaao Penghlis...Andre Landzaat

General Hospital - The Godfather's Son-In-Law?
If Luke had married Frank Smith's daughter would he be the mob boss now?
4-page article with multiple photos featuring
Anthony Geary...Lisa Marie...Genie Francis...Kin Shriner

General Hospital - Deadly Love
It was a simple murder investigation until Joe fell for the prime suspect!
4-page article with multiple photos featuring
Doug Sheehan...Robin Mattson...Susan Pratt...Richard Dean Anderson

Guiding Light
It seemed that Kelly & Morgan would never find happiness together, but at long last they promise each other - I'll Love You Forever
4-page article with multiple photos featuring co-stars
Kristen Vigard & John Wesley Shipp

Interview with Jane Elliot of Guiding Light
Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

One Life To Live - Torn Between Two Lovers
Tina or Becky - who will win Johnny's heart? 2-pages with photos of
Wayne Massey, Andrea Evans and Mary Gordon Murray

ABC: Now Is The Time...
ABC daytime is happy to announce: We Have More Viewers Than CBS and NBC Combined! 2-page article with candid photos featuring
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis...Judith Light & Robin Strasser...Taylor Miller & Peter Bergman...Larkin Malloy & Sharon Gabet...Roscoe Born

Ryan's Hope - Who's Papa?
Her lover is dead, her husband wants a divorce and Kim can't find a father for her child; 2-page article with multiple photos featuring
Kelli Maroney, John Gabriel and Michael Corbett

Search For Tomorrow - The Plot Thickens
A tragedy forces Travis & Liza to play right into a killer's hands
Full-Page Article, large candid inset photo of co-stars
Rod Arrants & Sherry Mathis

The Young and The Restless - Command Performance
Leslie & Lori attend a London gala that could change their lives forever...
2-page article, multiple photos featuring co-stars
Victoria Mallory and Jaime Lyn Bauer

Interview with Tina Johnson of Texas
2-pages; three candid photos

Texas - A Year On The Range
Celebrating Texas' first anniversary with highlights from the past year
3-pages of candid photos featuring
Lee Patterson...Catherine Hickland...Kin Shriner...Beverlee McKinsey...Jim Poyner...Bert Kramer...Barbara Rucker...Phillip Clark...Randy Hamilton...Caryn Richman...Carla Borelli...Tom Wiggin...John McCafferty

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Collage featuring GH stars
Anthony Geary & Genie Francis (Luke & Laura)


Saint or Sinner on Days Of Our Lives with Jean Bruce Scott (Jessica/Angel on DAYS) Interview with Alec Baldwin (Billy Aldrich on The Doctors)

Mailing Label? - NO
VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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