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Soap Opera Digest January 8, 1991
January 8, 1991

Ask Us and Sounding Board, fan letters and candid photos featuring
Michael Weiss & Derya Ruggles...Elizabeth Hubbard...Thaao Penghlis & Sharon Wyatt...Emma Samms & Tristan Rogers...Steve Bond...Burke Moses

What wishes for the New Year would you like to send our troops overseas?
Candid photos and replies of
Stephanie Williams...Lisa Peluso...Kate Collins...Elizabeth Savage...Sharon Wyatt...Julia Barr...Robert S. Woods...Beth Chamberlin...Roberta Bizeau...Melody Thomas Scott...John Reilly...Heather Rattray...Tonja Walker...Lauralee Bell...Mary Ellen Stuart...Camilla Scott

Cover Story: The Best & Worst of 1990
Huge Section with individual articles and mix of candid photos & screenshots, featuring

Best Storyline - Andy's Alcoholism (ATWT)
Scott DeFreitas & Kathryn Hays
Worst Storyline - From Bad to Badderly (OLTL)
Robert S. Woods, John Loprieno, Gerald Anthony, Jessica Tuck, Anthony Crivello & Audrey Landers

Best Heroine - Anna Lavery (GH)
Finola Hughes
Most Overexposed Heroine - Kelly Capwell (SB)
Carrington Garland

Most Shocking Twist - Ashley Marrying Victor (Y&R)
Brenda Epperson & Eric Braeden
Best Love Triangle - Bob, Kim & Susan (ATWT)
Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays & Marie Masters

Worst Love Triangle - Ceara, David & Jack (AMC)
Genie Francis, Trent Bushey & Walt Willey
Best Stunt - Reva'a Last Ride (GL)
(photo of car going off the bridge)

Best Location Sequence - Austria as Mendorra (OLTL)
Jessica Tuck & Jensen Buchanan
Best Vacation - Cruise of Deception (DAYS)
John Aniston & Susan Seaforth Hayes

Best Face-Lift - General Hospital
(set photo of the Quartermaine mansion)
Most Creative Storyline - Casey The Alien (GH)
Bradley Lockerman

Most Botched Storyline - Shane and Kimberly Donovan (DAYS)
Charles Shaughnessy & Patsy Pease
Most Intriguing Character - Agent Cooper (Twin Peaks)
Kyle MacLachlan

Biggest Waste Of Talent - Peggy Lipton (Twin Peaks)

Best Friendship - As The World Turns
Andy Kavovit, Ming Na Wen & Scott DeFreitas
Most Unrealistic Friendsip - Jennifer and Carly (DAYS)
Melissa Brennan and Crystal Chappell

Best Villain (Daytime) - Roger Thorpe (GL)
Michael Zaslow & Maureen Garrett
Best Villain (Primetime) - Danny Waleska (Knots Landing)
Sam Behrens

Best New Villain - Lawrence Alamain (DAYS)
Michael Sabatino
Best Sleazeball - Jake (AW)
Tom Eplin

Best Hidden Pregnancy - Lar Park Lincoln (KNOTS)
Worst Hidden Pregnancy - Jacklyn Zeman (GH)

Best Teen Story - Courtney's Crush (ATWT)
Hayley Barr & Scott DeFreitas
Most Graphic Love Scene - Kelly and Craig (SB)
Carrington Garland & John Callahan

Best Dressed - Vanessa Lewis (GL)
Maeve Kinkead
Worst Dressed - Dixie Martin (AMC)
Cady McClain

Best Make-Over - Samantha Marler (GL)
Suzy Cote
Worst Make-Over - Myra Sloane (AMC)
Elizabeth Lawrence

Best Dual Role - Robert and Quinn (SB)
Roscoe Born
Worst Dual Role - Marge and Kay (Y&R)
Jeanne Cooper

Best Bimbo - Mindy on Guiding Light
Kimberley Simms
Best New Character - Drucilla (Y&R)
Victoria Rowell

Most Annoying Character - Cricket (Y&R)
Lauralee Bell
Most Ruined Character - Barbara (AMC)
Susan Pratt

Most Daring Storyline - Jake's Abuse (B&B)
Todd McKee & Lauren Koslow
Best Fantasy - Trisha's Post-Wedding 1890s Dream (LOV)
Noelle Beck

Most Mismatched Couple - Opal and Palmer (AMC)
Jill Larson & James Mitchell
Best Scene-Stealer - Darlene Conley (Sally Spectra, B&B)

Best Party - The Costume Ball (AMC)
Julia Barr & Ruth Warrick
Most Embarrassing Moment - Reva's Polaroids (GL)
Kim Zimmer

Worst Party - The Engagement Party (LOV)
Nada Rowand, Bernard Barrow, Rick Telles & Rena Sofer
Best Return Engagement - India von Halkein (GL)
Mary Kay Adams

Most Entertaining Couple - Megan and Jake (OLTL)
Jessica Tuck & Joe Lando
Worst Return Engagement - Billy Clyde Tuggle (AMC)
Matthew Cowles

Most Boring Couple - Rachel and Ken (AW)
Victoria Wyndham & Lewis Arlt
Best Reincarnated Twosome - Larry Hagman & Barbara Eden (Dallas)

Worst Reconcilation - Duke and Anna (GH)
Greg Beecroft & Finola Hughes
Best Comeback - The Lockridges (SB)
Shell Danielson, Janis Paige, Nicolas Coster & Louise Sorel

Best Death Scene - Casey Peretti (ATWT)
Bill Shanks
Most Tortured Love Story - Beth and Phillip (GL)
Beth Chamberlin & Grant Aleksander

Worst Death Scene - Caroline Forrester (B&B)
Joanna Johnson & Ronn Moss
Best Father - Joshua Lewis (GL)
Robert Newman & Kim Zimmer

Best Widower - Frank Williams (KNOTS)
Larry Riley
Worst Mother - Julie Wendall (ATWT)
Susan Marie Snyder

Worst Widower - Ridge Forrester (B&B)
Ronn Moss & Hunter Tylo
Best Recasts - Tina Roberts (OLTL) and Alan-Michael Spaulding (GL)
Karen Witter and Rick Hearst

Biggest Letdown - Jack and Jennifer's Big Day (DAYS)
Matthew Ashford & Melissa Brennan

Most Improved Show - Generations
Most Disappointing Show - The Young & The Restless

Best Prime-Time Show - Knots Landing
Best Daytime Show - As The World Turns

Late Breaking News, candid photos featuring
Robert Calhoun...Linda Dano...Melanie Smith full-page interview...Kassie Wesley...Linda Thorson...Vivica A. Fox & Kristoff St. John...John McCook...Katherine Kelly Lang...Brad Maule & Jacklyn Zeman...Doug Davidson

New York Notebook, news and candid photos featuring
Michael Palance...Liz Vassey, Marisol Massey, James Horan & Rick Telles

Comings & Goings, news and candid photos featuring
Felecia M. Bell...Jeff Gendelman...Matthew Cowles

Synopses Section, recaps for all shows with candid photos & remarks featuring
Liz Vassey & Candice Earley...Stephen Schnetzer...Renee Props...Jeff Trachta...Lisa Howard...Robert Fontaine...Vivica A. Fox...Rick Hearst...Colleen Quinn...John Loprieno...Gordon Thomson...Jeanne Cooper

Best and Worst Off-Camera
Biggest casting controversy, most ridiculous rumor, least ridiculous rumor, most hospitalized co-stars, biggest cast drain - candid photos including
Nicholas Walker...Debbi Morgan & Randy Brooks...Cady McClain

Behind The Scene - 1990's Best Catfight - Generations
2-page article with screenshots featuring co-stars
Vivica A. Fox...Jonelle Allen...Kristoff St. John

Last Licks with Debbi Morgan of Generations
Near Full-Page Photo


Cover Story:  The Best & Worst of 1990

Mailing label partially removed, otherwise...
144-pages in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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