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Afternoon TV January 1979
January 1979

Inside Front Cover:
Full-Page Color Pinup featuring ATWT star Kathryn Hays

Soap Bubbles, news and candid photos featuring
Richard Shoberg & Susan Lucci (three photos together)...Dorothy Malone & Jacqueline Courtney...Pam Lincoln & Glenn Corbett...Candice Earley...Conard Fowkes & Kathleen Devine...Marilyn McIntyre & John Shearin...Judy Lewis...Cheryl Tiegs...Josh Taylor (shirtless)

Cover Story: Sixth Annual Writers' and Editors' Awards
8-page article with candid photos featuring
Beverlee McKinsey & Victoria Wyndham...Gloria Paternostro & Michael Levin...Mart Hulswit & Paternostro...Susan Lucci & Richard Shoberg...Ron Hale...Janet Grey & Mart Hulswit...Sandy Gabriel...David Reilly...Paul Avila Mayer & Claire Labine...Katherine Keskey & Jack Coffey...Bob Stewart...Richard Dawson...Dinah Shore

Interview with Jay Morran of Another World
5-pages, Full-Page Photo plus five additional photos

Interview with Nuala Fitzgerald of High Hopes
5-pages, five candid photos

Claire Malis & David Reilly Have Disco Fever!
Full-Page Photo together, plus five more dancing

Interview with Richard Guthrie of Days Of Our Lives
2-pages, two candid photos

Interview with Susan Lucci of All My Children
2-pages, candid inset photo, plus a shot of daughter, Liza

Interview with John James of Search For Tomorrow
Full-Page Photo plus a Full-Page Interview with one more photo

The Doctors and One Life To Live Take Time Out To Celebrate
6-pages of candid party photos, featuring
John Shearin...Jim Pritchett...Kathleen Turner & Michael Valenti...Turner, Chuck Weiss, Dorothy Fielding & Pamela Lincoln...Fred Scollay, Ann Williams & Jim Pritchett...Dorothy Fielding, Jada Rowland and son, Sparky...Lydia Bruce, Jim Prichett & Glenn Corbett...Michael Ingram & Jane Badler...Claire Malis, Tom Fuccello & Margaret Klenck...Fuccello & Philip MacHale...Fuccello & Jacqueline Courtney...Marshall Borden...Al Freeman Jr. & Lee Lawson...Anthony George & Conard Fowkes...Stephen Bolster

Roberta Leighton's Brush With Death
5-page Interview, four candid photos

Interview with Daniel Hugh-Kelly of Ryan's Hope
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

Interview with Dorothy Fielding of The Doctors
3-pages, Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

Interview with Albert Stratton of For Richer, For Poorer
4-pages, Full-Page Photo plus three additional photos

Advertisement: It's Jack Fenelli From Ryan's Hope
In Color On A Fine T-Shirt
Order form, photo of the shirt featuring MIchael Levin

Inside Rear Cover:
Full-Page Color Pinup of Days Of Our Lives star Richard Guthrie
(shirtless in shorts)

Rear Cover: Full-Page Color Pinup of talk-show host Dinah Shore


Interview with Roberta Leighton (Casey Reed on The Young and The Restless) Interview with Daniel Hugh-Kelly (Frank Ryan on Ryan's Hope)

Mailing Label? - NO
The cover is completely loose with some tears on the spine (but included!)
The contents are in VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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