Daytime TV - January 1975
January 1975

The Latest News, candid photos featuring
Ray Wise...Susan Blanchard & Charles Frank...Michael Ryan & Sally Gracie...Diane Rousseau...Kaye Stevens, Wes Kenney, Wesley Eure, Susan Seaforth & Bill Hayes...Kaye Stevens, Jack Herzberg & Betty Corday...Suzanne Rogers & Wes Kenney...Susan Lucci...Marie Wallace...Dolph Sweet marries actress Iris Braun...Rita McLaughlin and brother, Bob...Mike Lipton & Georgann Johnson...Valerie Starrett & Tom Brown...Emily McLaughlin...Meg Bennett...William Johnstone...Morgan Fairchild and her cat...Keith Charles, Sally Stark & Jerry Lacy...Jane Hoffman and son, Steve

Interview with George Reinholt of Another World
4-pages, Full-Page Photo, five additional photos and a Cover Shot

Interview with Barry Jenner of Somerset
4-pages, near Full-Page Photo plus two more pics, including wife Judith Doran

Interview with Stephanie Braxton of All My Children
4-pages, three candid photos, plus a Cover Shot

Our Party Honors Daytime Stars, 3-page article with candid party pics featuring
Eugene Banks, Denise Alexander, Richard Colla & Betty Corday...John Beradino and wife, Marjorie...Maeve McGuire, Margia Dean & Felipe Alvarez...Jim Boles, Barbara Boles & Jean Gillespie...Martin West and fiance, Mary McClain...Denise Alexander and fashion guru, Werle...John Beradino & Edward Mallory

Interview with child star David Elliott of The Doctors
4-pages, two candid photos, including one with his parents, Martha and William

Interview with Corinne Conley of Days Of Our Lives
4-pages, six candid photos with family, plus a Cover Shot

Inside Hollywood, news and candid photos featuring
Steve Carlson and date, Cathy...Bennye Gatteys...Susan Seaforth, Corinne Conley, Mark Tapscott and wife...Peter Brown & Stanley Kamel...Jennifer Leak...John Conboy & Jaime Lyn Bauer...John Beradino & Paul Savior

Daytime Stars Golf For Charity, 3-page article with candid photos featuring
Ann Williams...Robert Milli (two photos)...Keith Charles...Ann Williams & Carl Low...Anthony a Cover Shot

The Stars Go To Bat - Celebrity All-Star Baseball Game In Hollywood
Article and candid photos featuring
John Beradino & Joe Garagiola...Beradino, Jack Lemmon, Ray Girardin and son, Johnny...Peter Hansen...John Beradino and fans

Interview with Lynne Adams of The Guiding Light
5-pages, near Full-Page Photo, eight additional photos and a Cover Shot

Everybody Loves Love Of Life - Second Oldest Daytime TV Serial
Candid photos at their 24th anniversary celebration, featuring
Paul Avila Mayer, Claire Labine, Nancy Ford & Clarice Blackburn...Tudi Wiggins & Charles Baxter...Jerry Lacy & Julia Duffy...Audrey Peters & Ron Tomme...Liz Kemp & Christopher Reeve...Jane Hoffman & Sally Stark...Michael Fairman...Keith Charles

An Intimate Look At The Young and The Restless Backstage
Candid photos featuring
Brenda Dickson & Donnelly Rhodes...Jim Houghton...Jeanne Cooper & Trish Stewart...Brenda Dickson & Mark Eusson...Dickson, Jeanne Cooper, Rod Arrants & Donnelly Rhodes...Jaime Lyn Bauer & Tom Selleck

Exclusive! Bill Hayes & Susan Seaforth In Surprise Wedding
Susan's mother tells the heart-warming story of the tender, most romantic private ceremony
2-pages written by Susan's mother, Elizabeth Harrower
Candid inset photo of the newlyweds, plus a pic of Mom

Phil Marries Erica - All My Children
Article, near Full-Page Photo featuring co-stars
Nick Benedict & Susan Lucci (plus a Cover Shot)

Special Offer! Bill Hayes' New Hit 'The Look Of Love'
Full-Page Advertisement for his new album, shot of the album cover, order form

You Can Have Steven Frame In Your Own Home - Anytime You Want Him!
George Reinholt - Full-Page Ad, one candid photo, pic of the album cover, order form

Cast Changes, news and candid photos featuring
John Getz joins the cast of Another World...Michael Nouri joins the cast of Somerset...Rosemary Prinz leaves How To Survive A Marriage


Interview with Corinne Conley (Phyllis Anderson on Days Of Our Lives) Interview with Lynne Adams (Leslie on The Guiding Light)

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