Afternoon TV January 1972
January 1972

Soap Bubbles, news and candid photos featuring
Martin West & Howard Da Silva...Paul Sparer...Gordon Rigsby & Liam Sullivan...Beverlee McKinsey, Berkeley Harris & Donna Mills...Bruce Martin

Just Between You And Me, news/gossip and candid photos featuring
Susan Seaforth...Susan Flannery...Bill Hayes

If You've Got Something To Say...Say It!
Fan letters and candid photos featuring
Joanna Miles and husband...Christopher Wines

Cover Story: Eileen Fulton Tells All About Her Brand-New Husband
6-pages; Interview, Full-Page Photo together, seven more photos
Plus The Cover Shot

Search For Tomorrow Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
Candid party photos featuring
Mary Stuart & Tony George...Stuart, Melba Rae & Larry Haines...Mary Stuart and kids, Jeff and Cynthia...Dino Narizzano, Leigh Lassen, Carl Low, Kelly Wood, Melba Rae, Tony George, Mary Stuart, Ann Williams, Vera Allen, Ken Harvey, Billie Lou Watt, Larry Haines & Charles Siebert

Love Of Life Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary
Candid party photos featuring
Gene Bua & Toni Bull Bua...Audrey Peters...Geraldine Brooks and husband, Budd Schulberg...Sally Stark & Ed Moore...Diane Rousseau

Bright Promise Celebrates Its 500th Show
Candid party photos featuring
Jennifer Leak, John Considine, Susan Brown, David Lewis, Richard Eastham & June Vincent...Susan Brown, Mark Miller, Gail Kobe & John Considine...Peter Ratray & Regina Gleason...Jerry Layton & Gail Kobe

Interview with Pamela Murphy of Bright Promise
5-pages; two Full-Page Photos, plus two more shots with husband, Mike

Interview with Tommy Lee Jones of One Life To Live
4-pages; Full-Page Photo plus two additional photos

Your Favorite Daytime Actresses Reveal: How I Met My Husband...
4-pages of candid photos and remarks featuring
Gloria Hoye...Rachel Ames...Judith Barcroft...Lori March...Helen Wagner...Toni Bua...Fran Sharon...Susan Lucci...Lydia Bruce

Interview with Robert Burr of Love Of Life
5-pages; nine candid photos at home with kids

Interview with Diane Ladd of The Secret Storm
4-pages; four candid photos

Interview with Jordan Charney of Somerset
5-pages; two Full-Page Photos plus two more shots

...And The Winner Is
Daytime serials have finally won their battle to have a special Emmy category all their own. Here's a report on how the new award system will work, who's eligible, who's not - and how daytime performers really feel about it all...4-page article with candid photos featuring
Joan Copeland...Antony Ponzini...Monty Hall and wife...Marie Wallace

Interview with Dabney Coleman of Bright Promise
5-pages; Full-Page Photo plus four more photos, including wife & kids

Interview with CBS program executive Darryl Hickman
4-pages; six candid photos

Interview with TV celebrity Virginia Graham
4-pages; near Full-Page Photo plus four more photos

Interview with Albert Stratton of Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
5-pages; Full-Page Photo plus five additional photos at home


Interview with Tommy Lee Jones (Dr. Mark Toland on the ABC soap opera, One Life To Live) Interview with Diane Ladd (Kitty Styles on the CBS soap opera, The Secret Storm)

VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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    Last Modified:  08/23/2019
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