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Soap Opera Weekly January 22, 1991
January 22, 1991

The News, articles and candid photos featuring
Julie Osburn...Anthony Herrera...James Mitchell & Jill Larson...Susan Flannery, Colleen Dion & Jeff Trachta...Anne Heche...Melody Thomas Scott & Jeanne Cooper...Marcy Walker...Mary Kay Adams...Joan Pringle & Jonelle Allen...Michael O'Leary, Kimberley Simms, Grant Aleksander & Beth Chamberlin...Paul Ganus

Last Days In Salem for Justin and Adrienne
Full-Page Exit Interview with Days Of Our Lives co-stars
Wally Kurth & Judi Evans
Large Candid Inset Photo together

Sneak Peeks, storyline previews and candid photos featuring
Russell Todd & Anne Heche...Michael Watson & Jennifer Guthrie...Anthony Herrera...Gordon Thomson & Nancy Lee Grahn...David Forsyth & Anna Holbrook...Jerry ver Dorn & Maureen Garrett...Jean LeClerc...Melissa Reeves

Interview with Kimberley Simms of Guiding Light
Huge Candid Inset Photo and additional large candid photos with co-stars
Michael Zaslow and Mark Derwin

The Gossip, news and candid photos featuring
Brian Cranston, Bill Timoney & Michael Louden...Marisol Massey & Allison Daugherty...Allyson Rice-Taylor & husband...Babs Hooeyman & Walt Willey...Liz Vassey & Lisa Peluso...Jack Wagner & Kristina Malandro...John McCook & family...Gordon Thomson & dogs...Doug Davidson & wife & baby...Anthony Pena & Nathan Purdee

Call Of The Wild
In-depth article about action/adventure location shoots on soaps, candid photos of
Justin Deas & Margaret Colin...Charles Shaughnessy, Peter Reckell & Kristian Alfonso

Interview with James Horan of Loving
Full-Page Interview; large candid inset photo

Public Opinion, letters and candid photos featuring
Richard Biggs...Michael E. Knight...John Callahan

Mommie Dearest
How GH's Costume Designer, Susan Denison-Geller, kept Juicy Lucy
from becoming Mother Hubbard
Interview and Full-Page collage of photos, all head-to-toe shot, of a very
pregnant (in real-life) Lynn Herring

Moonlighting Interview with Daniel Markel
Candid Inset Photo

Moonlighting Interview with Rosa Nevin
Candid Inset Photo

From These Roots - How An Early Soap Broke New Ground
Article with candid photos featuring
Charlotte Rae...Richard Thomas...Helen Shields, Rod Hendrickson, Ann Flood, Sarah Hardy & Robert Mandan

Cover Story: Predictions For 1991
Sighs, Lies, Hellos and Goodbyes
In-depth section with Cartoon Caricatures featuring
Jean Carol & Jordan Clarke...Charles Shaughnessy & Mary Beth Evans...Tristan Rogers...Kim Zimmer...Robert Newman & Beth Ehlers...Stephen Schnetzer & Alice Barrett...Stephen Nichols...Fiona Hutchison & Phil Carey...Susan Keith & Anthony Herrera
Plus assorted cartoon cartoon caricatures on the cover including
Jess Walton & Jeanne Cooper...Nancy Lee Grahn...Lynn Herring & Kin Shriner...Heather Rattray & Jon Hensley...Michael E. Knight & Cady McClain...Billy Warlock, Michael Sabatino, Melissa Reeves & Matthew Ashford

Dressed For Success
Large, candid head-to-toe photography at assorted events, featuring
Joan Copeland...Ronn Moss & Shari Shattuck...Tonya Lee Williams...Todd McKee & date...Constance Towers...Martha Scott...Darlene Conley...Jerry Douglas & wife...Jane Rogers...Thaao Penghlis & Diane Ladd...Shelley Taylor Morgan

Fantastic Encounters with Arleen Sorkin of Days Of Our Lives
A fan's account of meeting her in person; candid inset photo together

Who's New Interview with Ricky Paull Goldin of Another World
Large Candid Inset Photo

The Soap Seer - Psychic Predictions For The Stars
This Week: Elizabeth Hubbard of As The World Turns
Full-Page Article; huge candid inset photo

Dining Out Can Be Healthy (And Embarrassing!)
Susan Keith & James Kiberd Show You How
Full-Page Article; 4 candid photos eating together

Photo Finish: It's All Happening At The Zoo
The cast of B&B go on a field trip to Tippi Hedren's Zoo
6 Large Candid Photos featuring Hedren and
Colleen Dion...Darlene Conley...Ronn Moss...Todd McKee...Jane Rogers


VERY GOOD condition with no missing pages or rips or creases.

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